Canadian elections, conservatives win in majority

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  1. Thats a huge step back to cannabis legalization, Harper probably will inforce the laws against marijuana...what you think GC? :mad:
  2. Pretty pissed off. Things are looking pretty gloomy for Canadian stoners :(
  3. were fucked. minimum 6 months prison time (in then new MASSIVE jails he's creating) for simple POSSESSION.

  4. this sucks ass... good job canada... who the hell votes conservative anyways... good news is we got E. May in and that a big step :) haha shes from my island :)
  5. Man that suck. Sorry for u guys, i was sure u were gonna be the first to get legalization. But hey if America gets it in the next couple years or so (depends on our next election) yall can come down here and "visit" all u want ;)

  6. im sure once its legalized in the US Canada will follow for sure. im very disappointed in having steven harper... it makes me so mad. i bet in a liitle while we will see a bill being passed against same sex marriage and banning art in schools...
  7. My dad oddly enough voted Harper, and was hoping for a Harper majority... He's a weed smoker, and has had many close calls with weed. I was surprised by his choice.

  8. 0_o i think theres something in his weed. or he just likes his other views enough to not care about that one view
  9. Word, fuck Harper, we don't need more conservative bullshit.
  10. What the fuck is this shit?
  11. We were do damn close... SO DAMN CLOSE! But hey, NDP is doing great, and Green got their first seat. Aren't those some good things? :confused_2:
  12. LMAO.

    Apparently even canadians couldn't give less of a fuck about canadian politics. :smoke:

  13. Yeah this fucking the way, a year or two ago we were about to have marijuana legalized, but the US put pressure and the project was aborted.

    Here in Quebec, the population is MAD. Over 40,000 people are wearing black today

  14. I meant why the fuck did the conservatives win if nobody likes them?

  15. Did you not see the results?

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    you have to also consider the voter turnout too.
    I think that if everyone voted (younger people especially) this election would have been MUCH different.

    but that's just my opinion.

  17. I understand, but over here EVERYONE i know has voted. I live in quebec, notice the graphic...;)
  18. Dude I'm so bummed, I guess just carry a grinder full. That's what I do, get a decent size one.
  19. I'll be carrying my Volcano grinder, and my MFLB from now on, I guess.
  20. We have an NDP official opposition! That's fantastic. A right wing government with a left wing opposition. That's the way it should be not a liberal ( right center ) opposition. Obviously we would prefer a left wing government and a center right wing opposition but at least we got rid of the Bloc and the liberals. Anyone who thinks that if Harper lost that marijuana would become legal is smoking some some ganja laced with crack. Don't get me wrong I hate Harper more than anybody and voted against him in every election, but with or without him marijuana is not getting legalized anytime soon in Canada. Having an NDP opposition is the best thing that could have happened with the conservatives in a majority government. Layton will raise he'll in parliament and battle every single crazy, boneheaded bill Harper tries to impose. The only good thing the french in Quebec have done is finaly coming to their senses and got rid of the sovereigntist fuck heads called the Bloc Québécois and replaced then with the NDP. By 2015 hopefully the rest of Canada will smarten up, follow suit and give the NDP more seats than Harpers band of fuck heads. This would truly change Canada for the best and doing so there will actually be a chance for cannabis laws in Canada to change for the better. Also anyone who has any thought of legalization in America is just as stupid as Steven Harper! To think that Obama would ever consider legalization is utterly ridiculous. Him or any other dickhead president who follows is controlled by big oil companies, pharm companies and the rest of the yahoos who control american politicians through funding and strong arming. It will never happen!!! If they want votes and money they will do what their told. Maybe once our generation is in power 20-30 years from now and can see the real benefits of legalization and taxation will anything ever get done.

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