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  1. Right off the bat I wanna say (Not tooting my own horn or anything) but i'm not a dumb guy I see myself as a fairly smart guy in fact. But the one thing I don't know much about is how other countries are run, Now I live in America and we have a constitution and Federal Laws, but we also have state laws and state constitutions. I was wondering if its the same up in Canada  I know you guys have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms. But do you have individual sets of laws for each province or do you just have a set of federal laws, or what? Please excuse my ignorance, because I don't really know much about Canada haha.
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    Provinces do have different laws regarding some things, but cannot supersede federal law. For example the federal law on the drinking age is 18, but some provinces like British Columbia you have to be 19 to buy liquor.

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