Canadian Cannabis Advent Calendar (Ad)

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  1. This is definitely an ad pretending to be a news article, but if you are in Canada, it might make a nice little gift for your favorite stoner or yourself!

    Advent calendar by Vancouver company features cannabis products worth $250 Advent calendar by Vancouver company features cannabis products worth $250

    VANCOUVER, BC (PRWEB) November 19, 2022

    ‘Tis the season for cannabis lovers to kick off the countdown to Christmas and what better way to ring in time with family and friends than with a bit of bud.

    Budmail 420 is hoping to get all pumped for the festive season, literally one day at a time, with the release of a cannabis advent calendar in Canada.

    And since chilling out is oftentimes central to those seasonal get-togethers, celebrations and observances, the calendar will have buyers prepared for three weeks of comfort and joy as the big day approaches.

    The calendars, which offer a bit of everything, feature 20 days of edibles, pre-rolls, grams of flower and four days of cannabis accessories, notes a statement from Vancouver, B.C.-based Budmail 420, a cannabis subscription service operating in North America, whose boxes include Puff (can have flower, pre-rolls, and vapes), Edible, CBD (topicals, flower, vapes and edibles) and sampler (a bit of everything).

    Of course, there’s no need to use the special offering of each calendar all at once or to create trash. “Each one of those wonderful little goodies is tucked inside of a reusable cardboard box and marked,” the company reports.

    Budmail 420 points out that each box has $250 worth of cannabis products and carries a $265 price tag, before taxes. Anyone expecting that one calendar simply won’t be enough can order a second and get completely different daily offerings.

    Dylan Fawcett, president and CEO of Budmail 420, suggests that advent calendars have been a solid fit with other industries, so why not cannabis? (snipped)

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