Canadian anti-pot steps

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    Canada recently passed legislation which will most assuredly begin to slowly tighten the noose of American political influence around the necks of the Canadian citizen. This legislation will devote $64 million dollars toward anti-drug campaigns, an amount dwarfed by the budget of the ONDCP's yearly budget of $12 billion that got a $80 million dollar increase in the year 2007, alone. Perhaps the most devastating part of the recent Canadian legislation is their willingness to now allow American politics to dictate the course of their affairs; this will definately bring the hard line stance that America now is propogating on marijuana to the Canadian citizen and brings a huge blow to any efforts of decriminalization or legalizing marijuana in Canada.
  2. Thats some straight up bullshit. America has their fingers in everyone's business. So much for Canada, its a lost cause. I never realized the ONDCP had such an enormous budget. Wow.
  3. Yeah, the ONDCP is a monster; together with the DEA its a very deadly combination when refering to freedom. I cant believe the Canadian people dont see the dangers involved with letting such influencial organizations into their politics. Im tired of their influence in America, but now with expansion into Canada, their poweres will only contiue to rapidly grow as they continue to steal people's freedoms and make criminals out of everyone.
  4. Blood money pays for a lot of stuff.
  5. wow, i fucking hate stephen harper and the conservatives
  6. Yeah, the Conservatives can suck my ass, but pretty much all parties are evil. They are the government, after all. I just wish the Marijuana Party had more influence, but I know that's not likely to happen any time soon.
  7. This truly means nothing. chill
  8. You're right, your post means nothing.
  9. oh trust me we see the danger but we have a little puppet in parlament.
  10. man in my bad news for Canada thread you said shit like that but hears the thing YOUR NOT FROM CANADA how would you know how many cops smoke weed they just had a bunch of busts in my town 18 people aressted.
  11. Just so everyone is aware. The PC party in Canada always allows American policy to dictate its affairs. They are sell outs.
  12. It was going to happen eventually I guess. It's just too bad Bush can influence these countries like he does. Fuck, I was planning a trip to Canada to smoke some bud in a few years, but this kinda screws with my plans a bit.
  13. Don't let this kind of shit discourage you, man. Canada is still the greenest part of North America, and Vancouver is the greenest part of Canada. Next to Nelson, that is. Fuck, if they don't smoke it there, they grow it. Usually both.
  14. I was about to start a new thread,
    but I'll ask you here instead.
    Please explain what it's like in Vancouver,
    compared to Amsterdam, if possible.
    Are there shops where you can buy
    or do you need to find/know a dealer?

  15. Don't know too much about the tree situation in Vancouver, but there are a ton of pot cafés and shit and even a marijuana-friendly bed and breakfast called Sativa Sisters. Not sure whether you can buy grass in any of these places (probably not, but if so, it's probably pretty discreet), but you can ask pretty much anyone there and they will usually hook you up.
  16. There are "shops" where you can smoke, but not buy. So, you would still need to know a dealer. AFAIK anyway. :)
  17. when i say chill it doesnt matter, all im saying is its not like it will be hard to smoke. just dont carry your bong outside in front of cops and you will be ok. Im sure they wont be raiding pot smokers in their house. It will be like it is in the states, california is the closest comparison. Just keep your smoke public is all, jeez.
  18. to address the im not from canada part, i have to very close friends living in halifax, and this is coming straight out of their mouths: "75% of police in this town smoke bud" they know because they sell it to them from time to time.
  19. ha thats interasting becuse i live about 40 minits out side halifax to cops arn't gonna crack down on the smokers your right about that but they will be making are lives a little more difficalt.
  20. Yeah, I do not think the cops are going to suddenly start cracking down on regular smokers, though, they will be able to do a lot more if they wanna be dicks about it. 'Course, if I get arrested and put in prison for smoking pot, I am going on a hunger strike. I would probably end up dying, but that would bring the legalization issue straight into the spotlight! :p

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