Canadian and U.S. Border

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  1. Im heading up to Montreal soon from Vermont and was wondering how strict the border control/customs would be and how hard getting back like an ounce back to the u.s. or maybe a small amount..

    my ass is not the aswer
  2. Horrible idea to bring anything illegal back.
  3. It's pretty much a luck of the draw. Either they decide to search you, or they don't. If they do, you're fucked. Those searches are thorough.
  4. ^^^

    very true, I've been across a good number of times, I would say it's about 50/50 the times they have decided to search me. They also discriminate by how you look/kind of car you drive/people you're with. I guess I look like a stoner because every time I pass on the way back to the US they ALWAYS ask me pot related questions assuming I smoked..telling me how much I smell like pot even though I didn't smoke at all, or how I look high even though I'm not..IMHO it's not worth the risk
  5. for those things its either go big or don't go. just buy some bud when you get home.
  6. yea do you really want to risk getting arrested just to bring back some bud. you had might as well just buy it here.
  7. Border crossings are done two ways:

    extremely risky, or up your ass

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