Canadian airport security kept my yo-yo string!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Faded Spinner, Jul 19, 2002.

  1. I was on a layover stop in Toronto on my way back to Los Angeles from a trip to Portugal. We were boarding the plane and then one security guy stops me and says "this is a random security check" so I had to take off my shoes, empty all my pockets, and allow him to check ALL my take on luggage, I even had to turn on my camcorder for the bastard. At the end of the procedures he keeps my yo-yo string. I ask for what reason, and he inclines that I can use it to choke somebody.

    I get in the plane and I notice he let me go through with the yo-yo string that was attached to the yo-yos I carried on board. Ha, this is airport security for you.
  2. So. you must be like a yo-yo champion to have extra yo-yo string??????? Am I right???

    Airport security-your story tells it all!!!!

  3. Not a champion, but I have gone to competitions. I was also sponsored by Yomega yo-yos, I didn't get money from them but they gave us [Team Yomega members] alot of free stuff.
  4. lol nice :)

  5. Didn't expect this.

    That's cool, Spinner. I'll play with a yo-yo for a little while then get frustrated and won't do it again for a long time. Of course, I'm not using competition yo-yo's when I do it. How much would like the very best yo-yo for competing cost? Do you have alot of yo-yo's??? I'm just curious. And high!
  6. I use to be a dealer of yo-yo's back in like 6th grade, then went on to dealing hacki-sac's, but those didn't last long. Come to think of it damn I was prretty good with yo-yo's, but then hackysacs were on popular demand, for like 5 days, lol
  7. I remember I got some string taken away during lucnh in school. Said it could be used as a weapon. I was playing Cats Cradle, 6th grade or something. The world boggles me.
  8. lol. airport security is dumb. i'm on my way to marine bootcamp (back in january). i make it through like 3 security checks, then as i'm getting on the plane (the bootcamp people were about the only ones on this plane), and some guy just randomly checks me. i have nothing with me but a plastic bag that has a pair of shoes, a bible, and an address book in it... all the while i'm thinking "dude... i'm going to BOOTCAMP! what am i possibly going to be bringing with me that's gonna possibly cause harm?" and also "if i made it through the first 3 security checks, why would you need to search my stuff now?" i got patted down and metal detected twice that day. kinda sucked, lol... everyone was all staring at me when they walked by... like i was some sort of criminal or something :)

  9. In my opinion (someone who isn't tied down to a company), the best yo-yo for compeition would have to be the Duncan Freehand which cost's $15-$20. In the world of yo-yos price isn't everything. Most yo-yos that are expensive (over $50) are usually made out of aluminum or gold or some crazy shit.

    I have about 15 yo-yos, which is nothing compared to some of my fellow spinners.
  10. i prefer the good ol' hacky sack myself. trying to hack while really trashed is kinda hard though. the stupid thing kept disappearing, then reappearing right before it smacked me in the head... lol. i got pretty good at it though (while straight) :)
  11. lots of people say they like hacky sac when high, guess I'll have to try it soon
  12. I may have to go and invest in a good yo-yo! It's those dollar yo-yo's that screw up and frustrate me.

    That's cool- Faded Spinner--makes sense now!!!!!!!!!!!

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