Canada's 'Prince of Pot' Vows to Defeat U.S. War on Drugs

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    Interesting news I figured I would share with you guys!
    Forgot to cite the article/source I got this from:,2933,522918,00.html
  2. FUCK YES Marc Emery
  3. I hope he can do it.
  4. Emery is the shit and i hope he continues his attempts at ending the U.S. war on drugs
  5. I saw a documentary on Emery. He is so passionate about the cause. I would hate it if ever went to jail for doing what he believes in.

    The dude looked so totally BLAZED! He just kept walking around his cafe ripping on whatever the people hanging out were smoking. I'd like to go there and meet him. :smoking:
  6. It's too bad we do not have anything the likes of Marc emery here in the United States. We've lived under Draconian marijuana laws long enough! For a country that touts FREEDOM, there damn sure isn't much PERSONAL FREEDOM left these days!

    God bless Marc Emery! :hello:
  7. I have three word I can think of that do this article justice


    oh wait that's 4:eek:. Oops

  8. Like all of us, Emery has his own, deep dark secrets, that are rather unsavory.

    Such as giving up a seed customer only to save his own tail.
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  10. Link please, on those "deep dark secrets." Especially rating out the seed purchaser. I have not heard anything on these "deep dark secrets."
  11. Yeah, I have never heard of this about Marc Emery either. Please post some sources to your those are quite serious claims to make.
  12. From what I've heard its the other way around, he took the blame completely so nothing would happen to his partners he was working with. That was at the beginning of his conviction. No source for any of this but yar.
  13. This guy is pretty damn coo
  14. ive met the dude plenty of times, my friend was one of his co workers...

    i really dont have anything good to say about him.
  15. say some bad stuff then.
  16. I didn't think so. No link = BULLSHIT LIAR.

    Emery took the rap to save his employees. Period.

    Again, as I said in another thread - The naysayers have no balls. Period Part Two
  17. Emery has been in trouble with the law many times over his pro pot activist actions so I doubt he would throw someone under the bus to save his own ass. I believe he has been jailed atleast 5 times because of it so this is just a walk in the park for him. Also, he knows his way around the laws and how to take on law officals against him. So unless someone shows some proof that he gave up a customer that bought seeds from him, i'de say its bullshit.
  18. I he's battling against the US gov on this horseshit WOD, I'm with him.
  19. I try and keep up with Marc, through CC magazine and the local BC buzz. I have much admiration for the man, and I hope that somehow, someway, he sticks it to those f'ing DEA skunks!

    Got a trip to Vansterdam scheduled soon. I can't wait!
  20. I have to admit, i didnt know about him until I watched barry cooper's videos and he sure does love to talk when he's I hope he can stick it to those DEA motherfuckers and help the usa legalize pot. Sometimes i wish I were president so I could make the DEA no longer exist.

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