canada's Pot revolution

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Ganjaman7847, Aug 20, 2003.

  1. some news for us

    fuck I can't get it off the web site yet. I'll do a breif explenation.

    Police raided house that belonged to this guy called Berthiaume. They found 1,200 plants what he calls his small crop. he owns a head shop a grow shop a seed bank. and a pot culture magazine. Empresive body Of work I must say. He might go to jail but he might just win. well canada is treating pot almost like a traffic ticket. adults that are cought with pot fifteen grams or less are fined $150 (us $107) and minors would owe $100 (us $71) and a letter woulb be sent to their perants. not a bad punishment really. That would be the extent of it realy. no mugshots, no overnight lock ups, no court apperences, and if that doesn't sound good it would be treated like a parking ticket. there would be no cumulative punishment-as long as you paid the tickets you could rack up an infanite number of infractions with out fear of aditional or hasher penelties. One step towards legalization. but get this. the fucking cunt bush and his fucking administaition doesn't like this at all. He's basicaly threatening them by ristricting the border or even fucking semimilitarize the border between canada and the us like mexico. Suck ass for my fellow mainers. Makes it hard to cross the border I think. I'm not sure though. You see the coked up cunt bush doesn't understand that by what canada has done will not increase but deacreas the flow of cannibis between the us and canada. Basicaly canada is on the right track to having better things to do enstead of bothering with us stoners. To put it in short~~Dudley Do-right isn't doing much.

    this is basically a perfect example of what digit said. I think digit said this. " the us runs the world basicaly. If the us says jump, the other cuntrys say how high."
  2. yea i know i live in canada and if u gert busted it don't even go on your criminal reccord
  3. the decrim is a proposed bill and hasn't taken effect yet. cops in toronto still take down names just in case the bill is rejected and they put a law in place to fill the void.
  4. That's what everyone keeps sayin but out here i guess the bill's in effect or somthin bcuz my friend's little bro got caught with 2 grams on him and he had 2 pay $100 and the cops were like "Hey buddy don't worry about it your not in much trouble anyways" and they sent a letter home 2 his parents and that was it.

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