Canada's new bill

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by OrangeBud, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. Hey what's up ????
    I've read an article about the new bill canadas government is gonna pass.
    Prime minister-in-waiting Paul Martin supports the decriminalization, but he wants tougher penaltys for growers and dealers ( max. 14 years)
    The decriminalized amount is also a hot issue, because they don't agree how much it will be. The proposed amount is 15grams, which is pretty good in my opinion, but some of the ministers say 10 or even 5 would be better.....
    The bill was supposed to be passed in fall, but it might delay until Martin becomes prime minister..... ( february )
    If you're gonna get caught with less than the decriminalized amount, you'll get a fine of maximum 400 can $, instead of a criminal record.
    Some of the ministers are also joking around about trying Pot as soon as it gets decriminalized, but RMJLaws has already written an article about it... In my opinion most of them has already smoked a lot of Pot....
    What do you think ??
  2. well i hope it happens. i'm a mother and can't wait for this. i'd like to not be considered a criminal. and of course they've smoked. they probly can't wait for this too. then they're not so bad either right!
  3. Sounds like typical goverment efficiency. ;)

    They seem to be on the right track...hopefully it'll be a huge success, the US will wake up & smell the ganja & legalize it here too...

    If I recall correctly, England was having similar delays in the enactment of decriminalization legislation that had passed Parliment....democracy in action!

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