Canadas Drug Prevention Commercial

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    I seen that a few days ago and laughed...I wonder how much of my tax dollars went into that.  Once trudeau gets elected we wont have to deal with this shit.
    Edit:  Also worth noting.  The government claims there are not enough studies to prove any medicinal benefits.  But at the same time they claim its dangerous and can have irreversible effects....Problem here, they have done any proof that marijuana is harmful, fucking dumbasses.
    Feels good to get that off my chest.
  2. Also worth noting, they say marijuana is 300-400 times as strong as the 70's....lets do some math.  Highest thc strain, lets say 35%(extremely high)  35 divided by 300 equals....0.116.  Now I wasn't in the 70s but I highly doubt their bud had only 0.116% thc content.
    Government thinks we are a bunch of dumbasses.
  3. $7.5 million actually.
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    I heard 5 million on all harpers anti pot ads, could be wrong.  Either way its ridiculous, hell I could pop out some great anti pot ads myself, it would only cost me whatever a good camera is and a good editing program.
    Don't you just love having old people spend your money for you?  Vote Trudeau.
  5. Such bullshit, fucking Harper... SMH.
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    All part of Harpers strategy. Make outlandish claims anti-grass and yet opens the door to corporations to sell for "medicinal" purposes which they claim there are not enough studies to support it. How many of these shadow corps do you think are cronies of the PC cabinet?
    If they want to claim it is for medicinal then they should be supporting it in the drug benefits of the disabled which they never will because they will claim that taxpayer money shouldn't be going towards people getting high. Yet people are covered for their other addictive pain meds etc.(of which many sell on the streets)
    The good thing for Canadians is that we seem to have the courts on our side based on the charter of rights and freedoms for affordable health care. $7.50-10 a g is not affordable for those on restricted incomes and growing is much cheaper.
    Personally as an epileptic and someone who deals with the physicaland  mental pain for weeks after a major seizure and the depression that comes afterwards and on top of that with all the meds etc. those prices are insane. I have been fortunate to have the right friends over the years that have helped me greatly with my supply but I would much rather be growing as well( I would have long ago but health held me back from it so I help them by working and learning as I do).
    The cottage industry was what worked for Canadians and if some hit the "black market" without taxes much of that money winds up being taxed by retail purchases, supplies hydro, water etc.
    If you want to know more about the upcoming appeal and future case before the court in February google John Conroy (lawyer for the people) and you will see interviews and documents on his site.
    Turf harper/backwards PC's next election!!!!!!
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