Canada vs. USA...Looking for input

Discussion in 'General' started by MasterChief420, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. I was born in the US lived here my entire life, but a lot of times when I stop and think about it, I'm really not happy here. It's not that I don't have a good life, I have/have had a lot of opportunity's and things that not everybody is lucky enough to have.

    With that said, the way things have played out in the US over the last couple years, has really kind of gotten me down. You can say what you want but it just sort of depresses me sometimes and I can't help but sometimes be angry and want to leave.

    More so now then ever I have been having some of these sentiments and I have been giving some serious thought into attempting to make a move to Canada and try to start/restart a nice life there and somewhat abandon (at least for now) the only country I've ever lived in.

    I know the differences between Canada and the US are not as different as say the US vs. most European countries but I know for a fact there are.

    So I was looking for some input from the city, specifically our Canadian blades as I know they are a plenty. What would you say are some similarities/differences and/or pros and cons of living in Canada versus the US or vice versa.

    EDIT: They don't have to be MJ related either that would be the least of my worries at this point in my life but any opinions/knowledge is greatly accepted and appreciated. Thanks blades!!
  2. Well if you don't want to pay $20-$30/g, or drink beer that tastes like water, and want a generally more down to earth community. Move to Canada.
  3. Buying stuff usually sucks here, I end up importing everything from the US because you save a large amount even after shipping. Specialty stores overprice the worst.

    Another problem is unless goods are marked as a gift, you need to pay customs/duties fees
  4. Dude, I've wanted to move to Canada ever since I got a tryout offer from a Junior A hockey team in North York, Ontario.

    I'll meet you there?

  5. I can't stand that the US doesn't realize Hockey is the single greatest sport ever....that could be my favorite thing about Canada! haha
  6. Remember you don't have the same freedoms. I don't know what the gun laws there are though.

    The biggest thing is can you handle the cold
  7. I love Canada, it's beautiful over there. Ha, I remember within less than 2 minutes crossin the border we drove past this house that the police had spotlights on and women were running everywhere:confused:

    Only been around the B.C. Area though don't know much about the rest of Canada. Seems alot more laid back though

  8. Please, let's not revolve a country around..CAN I HAVE A GUN STILL :eek: :D:p

    I think Canada is better in my opinion, there not censoring the internet.....(Yet at least) and the people are generally nicer, what i mean is i prefer the culture.

    I also LOVE COLD WEATHER :hello: i love snowboarding, there are places you can do that in the US but..Canada's better ;)

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