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    Hey guys so basically Im trying to figure out the best way to go from Canada to the midewst illinois..... except without a passport if ya know what I mean... on google maps it appears as if there is a bridge that goes into Michigan is there a border stop there? any tips advice appreciated.

    * I a have passport just dont want to be stopped and have to show it... (Weed)
  2. your both ridiculous. I think you should get a passport..
  3. I wish I was Canadian... perhaps we could work out an arrangement where we both enter each others respective country without documentation.

    There are two bridges that connect Ontario to Michigan, one in Sault St. Marie which will put out out into the easten portion of Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The other bridge connects Windsor to Detroit. Both of these border crossings have security checkpoints and will check your passport.

  4. lol this is true very ridiculous, just to clarify I have a passport just prefer to cross withot being stopped.
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    I really hope that government officials find this forum, track you down, and put you in prison for years.

    Borders are borders. You can't pass without a passport.
  6. That was the dumbest shit I ever heard There is to much ground to cover on the US canadian side , Americans go through North Dakota and come back with weight every day and there is nothing they can do about it. Not enough man power :)
  7. lol you are gonna be stopped dude, its not like we have fields you can just walk through
  8. some states kind of do...
  9. So that land that covers our entire middle corridor is fully inhabited with suburbia? :rolleyes: OP, if you have a passport, just go across like a man. I'm assuming you have drugs hidden on/within you, so be cool, you do live in canada, ey? :D

    But now that i think about it, Americans probably hate the French more than Mexicans, so be careful.
  10. If your worried about your weed, make edibles. They can't arrest you for bringing a cookie or 2 over.
  11. You just want to come to the states, but have no real destination and don't care which state you land in? Lol would you mind telling us why you're coming? Sound like the beginning of an epic adventure to me!

    Edit: wow nvm I'm stoned and after reading all the responses I had forgotten you said Illinois:eek:
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    Yes they can. They can confiscate any food you bring.
  13. Dude, you are going to get stopped. 'Theres no way around it unless you want to go the way of the rio grande
  14. They can confiscate it, but not arrest you for it.

    Any cop that sees a cookie is not going to automatically know its a weed cookie.

    MILLIONS of people enjoy cookies. If they ask, it's a snack for the road.
  15. The bluewater bridge in point edward(ontario) to port huron (michigan) is pretty chill, they rarely have dogs out there, and it's always random to get pulled into customs to have your car searched (unless you look suspicious). I have been over about 50 times, have been pulled into customs once.
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    Can't tell if thats a joke but French people are not hated on.. I actually think an average American would be slightly intiminated by a frenchie.
  17. It was a joke, but the french are some smelly individuals. :rolleyes: Intimidated, no. Envious of the loose beezies, yes.
  18. Actually the most hassle free way is to take a boat from Ontario to Michigan. I have done this several times with my Dad and never encountered any sort of border patrol or crossing. We came from Killarney, navigated our way through the North Channel and into Lake Huron, and from there sailed through the Straits of Macinac and into Lake Michigan (the best of the Great Lake IMO).
  19. Frozen River (2008) - IMDb

    Check out this movie if you need the basics of Canada/US border hopping.

  20. I hate Mexicans more :devious:

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