Canada Tokers vs American Tokers

Discussion in 'General' started by Dale.Gribble, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. I was just curious how many people we have on here representing Canada, or the United States..

    Pst province/state and country.. oh, and of course don't forget to blaze!! :smoking::smoking:


    happy toking GC :)
  2. NY (long island) USA
  3. Chi-town. OoSa!
  4. Utah, America for me
  5. America Fuck Yeah! New York Here!
  6. Alberta, Canada:wave:
  7. michigan reppin oakland county
  8. Washington State USA!
  9. Ottawa, Canada here!
  10. so cal, usa! :smoking:
  11. Nice, may I ask where in ab :smoking::smoking: keep on toking all
  12. Cocoa Beach/Orlando, FL, USA
  13. Cleveland, Ohio
  14. Worcester, Massachusetts.
  15. westchester, NY what up?
  16. ontario, canada:smoking::wave:
  17. Seattle, Washington! 206
  18. Windsor Ontario Canada:smoking:
  19. Pa All the way:smoking:

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