Canada to Experiment with Basic Income

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  1. Canada Will Provide a Basic Income to Combat Poverty

    We're finally entering the Digital Age. There's no reason for homelessness and poverty to exist in a world where you can access every single fragment of recorded human knowledge from the palm of your hand.

    Capitalism will be given a software update. It will become a video game where every single player starts out with a certain amount of coins, or ammunition. There will be winners, and there will be losers.. ... but at the very least, it will be fair, and lack of funds will no longer serve as an excuse not to get out there and do something great for society. You need money to make money, after all.

    I personally am looking forward to seeing these changes implemented into the Canadian system, even though I live in New Zealand. Basic income has been backed up by science in multiple studies across the world, so I do not doubt that Canada will set an example.

    I seriously hope that Donald Trump gets elected, for this reason.. just so that the world can see the contrast between these two countries.
  2. So if I sit on my ass all day I will get the same as the guy who works his off
    Where do I sign up
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  3. Doesn't work that way.

    Say you get $350 a week for sitting on your ass.
    Say somebody earns $450 a week on a minimum wage job.

    The person working the minimum wage job will earn their regular income, PLUS the basic income. That means $800 a week, compared to $300 for the one sitting on his ass.
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  4. And where does the money come from the sky
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  5. Please tell me hard working people like me aren't paying for the lazy asses!

    And damn, 800 a week would kill me
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  6. I believe that once the experiments have been successful, it will replace the entire welfare system.. and even save money in the long run.

    The current European-style welfare model wastes a lot of money in a lot of ways. The government staff working inside the welfare offices dealing with people every day - they need to be paid a minimum wage, for example.

    The other problem is that the current welfare system reduces incentives to work. When people transition from being on an unemployment benefit, to fulltime work - they get their benefit reduced. They also need to declare their income, which is a very frustrating process. The staff who perform the calculations also need to be paid minimum wage, which is yet another example of bureaucratic wastefulness.

    Under basic income, every single hour you earn from actual wages will be added to your basic income. This means that even if you had to pay a little more taxes - you'd be directly benefiting from it.
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  7. Oh I agree with you there is a hell of a lot of waste in the US government today
    Maybe they could all take a pay cut in Washington so the People who pay their salaries could eat too
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  8. I say if you sit on your ass, you get $0.
    Tired of seeing these ghetto people always wanting a handout.
    Reminds me of when I lived in Los angeles, so many welfare recipients there driving mercedes and gucci handbags and designer glasses etc.

    Such a scam.
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  9. Tell that tothe Liberals
    Remember they are Hollywood and the screen actors Guild
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  10. And how have these negative attitudes motivated people out of poverty, may I ask?

    Why do you think we've had to come up with welfare systems, in the first place? Surely, it's not cause people were having too much of a good time under law-of-the-jungle capitalism.
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  11. The article you linked to doesn't say everyone will get money, it says there will be a basic income. Are they giving those who work for $450 a week another $300? It doesn't say.
    What you're after is a system where everyone gets their basics supplied and if they want more they can work for it, like the system we've set up to raise children? Treat people like children and they will act their parts. I predict this kind of system will increase the number of those living in poverty, not decrease it like is their goal.
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  12. Basic Income Canada Network

    A Basic Income Guarantee ensures everyone an income sufficient to meet basic needs and live with dignity, regardless of work status.
  13. Exactly! ^

    Go visit south Los angeles, no one there is motivated to seek jobs whatsoever. They are happy with the free money you and I pay for.
    It's common for them to have babies, and the father will literally live a few houses away at a friends so they collect single parent funds.

    This country is becoming disgusting.
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  14. Here's some interesting reading regarding anti-welfare attitudes in America, as well.
    Dethroning Reagan's 'Welfare Queen' |

    "From Ronald Reagan’s “welfare queen” to Mitt Romney’s “47 percent,” attitudes about the poor being lazy or unwilling to work have long been an indelible part of American culture. Many of these beliefs, it turns out, are rooted in America’s religious past."

    The anti-welfare argument of the poor being 'lazy' is about as weak and simplistic as the Reefer Madness anti-marijuana propaganda, to give a good example. Luckily, science is not on the side of either one of these premises.
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  15. you said a few posts ago some of the problems with how social welfare is ran, one of which is it reduces the incentive to work.

    is this reefer madness-type thinking, or are they legitimate complaints? i'm confused.

  16. In relation to Basic Income
    , I would say that the current welfare system is inferior in its ability to motivate people to work.

    Of course, in the absence of ANY social safety net, hungry people would be robbing dairy shops and selling drugs, not 'getting off their lazy arses and looking for work'.
  17. okay
  18. Not everyone who's unemployed is there because they're lazy or taking advantage of the system, last year when the economy was good I had 3 jobs and now I cant get a job bagging groceries but I still pay taxes on my house, on my food, on my gas and still have to support a family and I do it almost all through the barter system since nobody has money to spend anymore. I could do fucking work with $350 a month, that's 30 baby chickens right there I could eat those chickens all year and then the next month buy something crazy like another blanket cause it was fucking cold last night and I only have the one.
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  19. I think I've only ever met one man who enjoyed doing nothing while living off welfare. He suffered from schizophrenia. One of his favourite things to do was sitting in his room staring at his toy collection, for hours at a time.. or listening to heavy metal, getting drunk and smoking weed with the roommates here and then.

    Hell.. even he would get up and mow our lawns. He also used to bring us the mail, empty the bins every single week, sometimes clean the kitchen. You just couldn't tell him to stop, he wouldn't let you take his job away from him. Those were good times, lol
  20. Since you don't have a job this would be a good time to get some training to qualify for jobs that are available.

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