Canada shouldnt have passed this law...

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Magiggle, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. 4 days ago my country that i love Canada slapped me in the face, a bill was just passed that states if a person is caught smoking marijuana in public then u get 6 months in jail no question about it! thats the minimum sentence.!! What is this world coming to?!?
  2. Stephen Harper's a faggot.
  3. Thats the most fucked up shit I have ever heard. I guarantee the US government had something to do with that. Sad shit.


    Bowl time.
  4. well you guys voted in harper. no one to blame but your fellow canadians
  5. I voted against him!
  6. Wow this law actually passed? God damn that fucking sucks.

  7. Because it's their fault their political leaders are corrupt.
  8. That really sucks....amazing how those that are supposedly looking out for their people, seem to forget who they are representing, bureaucratic horse shit is what i call it...and again the bud gets the short end of the stick..maybe before we die we will see it legal ..until then toke onnnnnnnn
  9. I'll still continue to fire up outside whenever I want. FUCK THE SYSTEM.
  10. Sorry to hear that Canadians.

    Do you think the law will be strictly enforced?
  11. Probably not. Cops around here simply do not give a fuck.
  12. Um, if this is about bill C-10, I'm pretty sure the rule is 6 plants = 6 months. Don't think possession/usage laws have changed. But this may have changed with the final version.
  13. Fuck that fool, that's the most manipulative law I ever heard! How long till this dude is out of his office term.
  14. There's c-11 which is what you should be more conceded about. Letting the cops track you without warrant...
  15. Watch as your violence and other crime increases the stricter your drug laws become. The governments, U.S., Canadian, and others have to see this.

  16. Nah man we didnt vote him in, he snaked his way in by deceiving liberal/ndp voters.
  17. all of this is based of a post with no link to proof? provide a link then ill think about getting angry.
  18. I don't believe if your caught with a joint it's 6 months in jail...
  19. Not sure about that part but passing a joint is considered trafficking

    Search bill C10, or omnibus crime bill
  20. im not sure exactly the new law, but i did hear about some new bs pot law invloving mandatory sentences in Canada . i heard it was get caught with an oz or more and get a mandatory jail sentence idk though.

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