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  1. Hello everyone!

    I got my first pieces from Grasscity today! I'm super happy, they came in great condition and without any noticeable flaws!

    I saw a few threads of people curious of how long time took to ship, so for my fellow Canadians who are interested in shipping times, here is how it went down for me in this order.

    NOV 11th - I placed my order
    NOV 16th - My order is shipped from grasscity in Netherlands
    NOV 18th - It clears Netherlands customs and is on it's way to Canada
    NOV 29th - Item arrives at my local customs office
    NOV 30th - The item is released from Customs
    DEC 1st - The item is delivered at my house! :)

    There is one thing though! DUTY FEES. Holy crap.

    My order was about 70$ with shipping and taxes. But it ended up costing me an extra 25$ in duty and taxable product fees. So be very mindful of that factor when ordering here. I'm a bit unexcited at seeing how my 110$ order is going to cost me in duty fees...

    I guess I'm going to try and find a local solution, because this hikes the prices quite a lot! Also, I hope that grasscity substracts the shipping fees from the article's worth. Technically you have to pay the duty on the item's worth and not how much you payed grasscity to get it over here.

    So there you go, just wanted to share my first shipping experience with grasscity as well as put out a reminder to consider duty fees when importing from overseas.


    Just tried it and damn... WOOOO HOOOOO! :)

    Black Leaf's 8 arm perc, with EHLE diffuser downstem... damn. It's soo much more smoother than my regular bong full of ice. This is amazing!
  2. Riveting tale, chap! :smoke:
  3. Depending on where you live in Canada, the customs and taxes may be a pittance compared to buying locally. There are many threads on the Toking Tools forum that detail Canadian's attempts to 'buy local', only to discover that most of the nicer pieces cost 2X-3X more than they do online.

    For example, one poster mentioned that a double percolator bong retails for around $300CAN (minimum) locally. On, the same bong can be had on sale for $112. Factor in about $30 in customs/taxes, and you are still saving over half the price.

    I don't know if Canada hits these items harder with taxes or what, but the prices do seem quite disproportionate.

    Great post, though. I’m sure all the Canadians will be glad to read it.

    Are you on the East Cost or the West?

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