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Canada Prices

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jobes921, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Ok i might be going to canada with my family.. and then coming back to the U.S... i got some family in canada and im pretty sure theyll have a hook up for me. So yea.. idno i was thinking it wont be that bad to bring back across the border.. (anyway not realy thinking of brining that much back) since ill be riding with my family and shit.. So yea, aside from those risks.. how much is bud in canada? Like mabey a QP of some fire? a zip? a half? a g?


  2. Where parts in Canada are you coming man? I live in Vancouver BC and i can tell you man, there's more weed smokers here than cigarette smokers.

    Still, i dont recommend smuggling weed across the border, they can search you for no reason when crossing the border and(i think) its an automatic felony if your caught trying to take that shit across the border. But i'll let you make your own choices.

    Either way man, your sure to find good weed almost anywhere in Canada, hell, if the U.S wasn't so against it, Canada would have legalized MJ long ago.
  3. Yeah, i live in chilliwack.
    JuanRing will know where that is :)
    Its hella cheap here, i can get a 8th of fire for 20$ (maybe its just my dealer, he grows) But all the stuff i've come across is decent quality and cheap.
  4. Woaaaaaaaaaaah dude, you dont wanna smuggle drugs across the border unless you are professional with that shit. They have amazing security at the Canada/US border, most of it you cant even see. For instance, picture them hearing what you say in your car from half a kilometre away, because they can. Technology is a bitch.
  5. Ahhhh chilliwack, never been up there, but my buddies went up on a road trip, came back with an Oz of some good mids, claimed they got it for like 90$.

    Ill probably head up there this summer when i get some free time off from school:D

  6. Ya i don't really agree with that, but I agree that its really a bad idea to try to smuggle. Seriously if you weigh the benefits with the consequences, its like weighing a lead elephant against a termite - wow thats a random example :smoking:
  7. Well.. if your in the car with your family.. first of all u aint gonna be talking about bud... second of all.. i dbout they would search your car with little kids in it and shit
  8. lol my 15 year old bud smuggled bout 5g's cause we were going shopping and the fucking hotel was lame... spiced it up a bit if you know what i mean :devious:

    but average is 10$ a gram, but you can get better deals.

    enjoy canada my friend :smoke:

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