Canada Possibly LEGALIZING Marijuana :3

Discussion in 'General' started by BluntBrother420, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Yeppers, I was reading on sympatico that they might be legalizing marijuana for growing and possession purposes within the next 90 days. It would be legal to grow, and possess as much as you want. (I assume)

    You can read the article here.
  2. this is old news my friend..... theres already a thread about this

    but im hoping they legalize!
  3. Damn that would be crazy.
  4. Apparently old news is 2 days ago
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  6. My bad, but what ever, it's stoner news worth posting over and over again :3
  7. Its not like the cops really give a fuck here, I've smoked with two cute cop chicks. God I love weed and Canada. :hello:
  8. This is referring to medicinal marijuana. I feel like most people are missing that.

  9. it was news to me man.
  10. Well I might be moving to Canada then, depending on how 2012s presidential election goes.
  11. this isnt just medical..they claim the cannabis laws are invalid for 90 days. dosent mean we can sell it, just grow and use it. ..and most likely they will ask for more time so this may go on for a while. the norm for this is 1 year but as the judge said they have had 10 years already to fix it so he made the time shorter. they will apeal and get more time and in the mean time anyone can grow on consume cannabis for personal use. medical or not.
    and this is also just ontario right now. anyone else may be busted still and need to bring this case to the attention of thier courts to haver the porocess stopped as far as i know. it is precident setting sorta deal but it needs to be in each province from what i read on it

  12. what the hell, where do you live? can't be Ontario lol

    Cops are pretty chill where I'm from with weed. They found 9 grams on me and let me go because I gave it up the second they asked for it. They should just legalize it.
  13. Im moving there within a year. This would be amazing.

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