Canada may be legal mid July!?

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  1. Chillin out in drama class today and were doing shit all so me and a fellow toker start to talk about strands, memories, etc... and brings up that weed may be legalized in mid-july.

    This was taken from an article in the Toronto Star

    "In an April 11 ruling, Justice Donald Taliano found that doctors across the country have “massively boycotted” the medical marijuana program and largely refuse to sign off on forms giving sick people access to necessary medication. As a result, legitimately sick people cannot access medical marijuana through appropriate means and must resort to illegal actions. Doctors' “overwhelming refusal to participate in the medicinal marijuana program completely undermines the effectiveness of the program,” the judge wrote in his ruling."

    “The effect of this blind delegation is that seriously ill people who need marijuana to treat their symptoms are branded criminals simply because they are unable to overcome the barriers to legal access put in place by the legislative scheme.” Taliano declared the program to be invalid, as well as the criminal laws prohibiting possession and production of cannabis. He suspended his ruling for three months, giving Ottawa until mid-July to fix the program or face the prospect of effectively legalizing possession and production of cannabis"
  2. This is so old dude, and yes about 56 more days until its legal.
  3. We need out government to quit pumping the media juices of hatred and disgust into the people's minds, and get the influence back to reality and not biased ways of thinking.

    Cultures only are in business to thrive off what they promote, nothing else, we need to change out culture.

    Our doctor's are just the same sheep the people are. It's sad.

    Perhaps canada has more bonuses on your salary and vacations of you throw out so many prescriptions? They'd rather keep you sick so you keep coming back.
  4. Possession of mariuana in Ontario Is a non cobvictable offense already.
    From what I understand you can and will still be arrested, prosecuted but not convicted.
    Basical it still is ileagal but when you go to court the judge will throw out the case.

    Here is the article;
    Marijuana legal in Ontario | Cannabis Culture Magazine

    I think it's kind of the same thing.

    Mr. Duke
  5. harper won the majority..

    you expect him to let this slide?

  6. That is from 2003 first of all, second of all this was struck down about 9 months later.

    It is still illegal to possess and cultivate in Ontario, if you doubt me...go smoke a blunt infront of a cop, i dare you.
  7. Need to start packing my bags for Canada then. yep
  8. think about it,ifs its legalized,what the hell does that really matter for all the people who just smoke marijuana for the fun/relaxation/enjoyment of it. NOTHING.
    this is only for the medical patients, same as it is in the States.

    so yeah,until its fully decriminilized and legalized, this means Jack Shit for the majority of us. sorry to burst bubbles but i doubt we'll live to see the day marijuana can be freely smoked without any problems, atleast not in this era

  9. I was mistaken I posted the wrong article..

    Ontario Judge Rules Canada's Marijuana Laws Unconstitutional | Cannabis Culture Magazine

    The government is appealing the decision though

    Also I have lit up infront of cops numberous times.. I take it you have never been to a 420 rally then?... You should get out more.

    :hello: For the win :hello:

    Mr. Duke
  10. Yah, I smoke infront of cops alot too.Iam not 13 and play into that gay 420 shit either, this is just random occurances.No need to be a pussy arround the police in Canada.Even if they didnt like it, all they do is get you to toss it on the ground.

  11. no you can't light up in front of police on any given day and have them just ask you to toss it on the ground.

    and also how is one judge going to be the deciding factor in whether or not it's legal? it has to go through a whole crazy system that just won't pass right now.
    definitely another step forward though
  12. On the West Coast, in Vancouver, and Victoria, yes, yes you can.
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    That is not entirely true.. What about Amsterdam?
  14. Do you live in Canada?
  15. Our laws all fucked up and flawed...If you have the money for a good pot lawyer you'll be dropped charges in a matter of minutes in court.

    You still get court for possession though don't get it twisted. Judge'll probably scrap it.

    We have all types of pot friendly areas in toronto where no one gets bothered though so its all good

    So thats whats up in ontario
  16. Its is definately illegal, but under an ounce, you not going to get into any real trouble. Just confiscated, or a fine.
  17. yeah the government appealed it already

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