CANADA Legalizing this summer

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by ELF, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. SO whats up in Canada?
    Is hemp being legalized this july or whaat s up
  2. The court gave the federal government 90 days to fix the medical marijuana issue, b/c it turns out doctors are refusing to prescribe it to people who need it. If they don't find a solution, marijuana will be free to be possessed, and used by anyone, not just ill individuals.

    Its going legal soon.

    IDK, I've heard it got postponed 6 months on a site, don't know if its true.
  3. Last I heard, the government was gonna appeal it. Not surprised seeing as how its a harper majority for 4 years. After that happened i kissed the chance of smoking weed legally this summer good bye. If were lucky we might get something similar to the cali's setup.
    One can always hope.
  4. I Hope we get something like cali's setup
    if it does happen , i'm going to be smoking just as much as i do now.:smoking::hippie:
  5. Hahaha

    not with harper in there
  6. Hahah same brother. IF we do get something along the lines of calis setup im gonna file to be a caregiver on day 1 lol

  7. i cant believe only like 40% of the population voted in the election. Canada fucked themselves on that one. Harper is your typical douchebag politician who wants to start a war on drugs in canada.
  8. I really hope so,
  9. i heard that it had to be officially announced on July 10. Which would be Sunday actually.
  10. ^^ what he said, this goes so under the radar to never hear anything in canadian new/media/papers
  11. Never heard of this before, if it's legalized I'll be the happiest guy ever lol
  12. wasn't Matt Mernagh involved with that case? Last I remember hearing, the government appealed weeks ago. So back to square one I think. Well not square one...
  13. Is it seriously going to be announced this Sunday? where can i go to see the verdict?
  14. With Harper as prime minister we will not have legal marijuana. NEVER.
  15. fuck conservatives
  16. This exact thing happened in 2003 with the liberals in, and it got shot down then too.

    This isn't the first time the medical marijuana program has come into question in Ontario. And it will be shot down now, same as always. However, even if it is shot down, we can expect them to make some improvements to the med program this summer.
  17. last winter they said on tv the ON government must legalize on july 16th or their second choice is they have to come up with something that will explain why they shouldn't legalize
  18. I LOVE CANADA :yay:
  19. November eh? Damn, if course they'll push it off as long as they can.

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