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Canada Laws

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MrGiggleS, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. what are the laws like in canada is it decriminalized plz somone that lives there tell me what its like im thinking about moving up there after college
  2. its not legal yet in bc, but its not strictly inforced, if you got caught by the cops with an oz or less they would prolly either desttroy it or keep it for themselves. lol
  3. I know it's decrimilized to a certain extent. Not sure what it is. Have you checked yet?
  4. Yeah there was a post earlier last week or so that talked about bc, and vancouver in general. there they have a 'coffee shop', there is a room where you can smoke in, but they cant sell, but its suppose to be really easy to find good stuff.
  5. i heard from one of my canadian friends that lives up there saying that a big city, i think Toronto, allows you to carry like a couple grams on you without having it confiscated, dont know exactly tho.
  6. How's Montreal? Or Quebec in general?
  7. here if u get caught with under 30 grams, u get a fine or are let go, to the discretion of the cop

  8. *sigh*
  9. yeah man the canabis cafe rules, and we do have really good shit out here, i've never got shitty weed, just shitty bags, even at that they were alright.
  10. Filled with french people, who yell at you when you speak english.

  11. lmao what r ya saying, montreal is like #2 in canada for ganja...recently opened a new coffee shop called chez marijane, downtown. and the prices are very good. quebec gold is one of canadas strongest and is found almost everywhere in montreal. and as to smoking, if yur caught with under 15 grams in public, u get a up to 100$ fine and some cops let you keep yur ganja to bring back home ;)
  12. it's still illegal. drugs being under federal jurisdiction would mean it's nation-wide. but i guess some provinces could use the notwithstanding clause to decriminalize it at least. it's really up to the cops cuz we're nice people up here :D

    there are pretty regular home-op busts tho here in ontario
  13. ^theres been a lot here too, 5 in the past month or so. every one of em run by asians i think
  14. I live in Quebec in a small town and the weed is not expensive. As for the laws, I've never been caught but as previously said you will get a fine unless you have like 20 pounds on you. And I don't think you will get yelled at for speaking english...
  15. say i got caught with my bag of weed, theyd take it away, maybe id get a fine.

    but just a few days ago i big grow op was busted in an apartment near me. so no legalization yet, but its certainly on the way.
  16. Strange thing...must have summin to do with the language...they're the same, both in France AND in Canada. Never heard anything like this from other people than francophones
  17. The current laws on marijuana are rather unclear, and this has been a problem for quite a while in Canada. as posted before, anything under 30 grams is then the discretion of the police. they can give you a fine, seize all bud and paraphenalia, and if applicable tell your parents or legal gardian (obviously not gunna happen if you live on your own). However, a bill that will be tabled in October by PM Paul Martin will make possession of marijuana under 15 grams punishable only by a ticket, similar to traffic tickets. No criminal charges may be filed, and thus possession will never lead to a criminal record. Basically, make your purchases at half an O or less and you're quite safe even in public places :D

  18. Is Chez Mari Jane still open? All postings I Google up are really old..
  19. Yeah. it's pretty unenforced here.
  20. just dont bring it too school :devious:

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