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Canada is legalizing!?!?!?!?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smallwonder, Oct 11, 2002.

  1. Can anyone give me any info or confirmation on the rumor that Canada is lagalizing pot? Any info would really be beneficial, thanx!
  2. Yeah, what he said...

    ... except I thought it was 3 cautions and they arrest you.
  3. its already decriminalized.. they want to make it legal for anyone 16 and up.. youd literally be able to buy joints at the corner store.. if it gets passed
  4. lol, me too.

    When (or if...... eek) it's legal I'm gonna spark up outside a pig house:D
  5. hahaha..."is their a "puff" problem "puff" mista officer "puff" "Puff" i mean "puff" i ain't "puff" commitin no "puff" crime just "puff" standin here "puff" am i? "puff?"
  6. LOL, exactly!!

    Gonna bring out my 15' purple bong and schmoke a bowl!
  7. blow the smoke in the pig's face too
  8. yeah that link is broken.. go to or or something.. they probably have tons of news on this if you look a bit
  9. Sorry about that....but it was an article in Yahoo News so it has to be somewhere else...
  10. im movin to canada
  11. The story from inside Canada as is follows:

    About 30 some years ago there wasa report commisoned that called for the decriminalization of marijuana. That report was ignored.

    Recently the Canadian Senate published a report which called for the legalization of marijuana. The Canadian parliment is takign the idea into consdieration but is waiting for a second report to be delivered and it should be delivered before the end of the year (November if I remember correctly). Most likely the parliment will take a while to debate the issue and hopefully in a year or so their might be some progress into actually have a viable bill passed.

    Of course this also depends on the political scene in the next year or so, 2004 will be an election year. If the liberals win another majority government then hopefully the bill would be passed. The only other option would be the Canadian Alliance,since they had a private members bill brought up for the legalization of marijuana some time ago, but it was shot down (pending the reports to be delivered). So hopefully the process can get under way soon, but there is an equally good chance (if not better) that this report will gain dust and sit for 30 years like the last report on marijuana.

    And thats the situation in Canada
  12. Well, hopefully peeps are more liberal now than 30 years ago.

  13. Just for reference "Liberals" is the name of one of the political parties, there are the libreals the progressive conservitives, the new democratic party, and canadian alliance, the parti quebecois and then about 100 small parties that have only one real isue and don't even have enough canidates to form an actual government.

  14. Gairen...I think the term liberal here is not a political reference...I took it as meaning that hopefully people have removed the perverbial stick from their collective asses....
  15. I'd love to see em change the maple leaf

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