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  1. Hey Blades! Time for a new journal, and this one is going to be epic! I have been away from journaling here due to personal reasons for a while, but I am now returning to share my ongoing grow. Rather than making a new journal every year this will be my forever indoor home on Grasscity. I have been documenting on another site (420magazine) but due to limits, restrictions, and general stupidity there I am bringing my journal here. I am in a constant perpetual situation with my garden, I have various strains in different stages of growth.

    Currently I have some Blue Gelato cuttings under some CFL bulbs. In the veg box I have a Red Dragon, a Tangerine Dream, a Jillybean, a Strawberry Amnesia, 2 Girl Scout Cookies, 2 AK 47s, and 1 Alberta Gold (my own strain) sitting under a UFO-80. In the Flower tent I have an AK 47, a pregnant Girl Scout Cookies, and a Blue Gelato under a 600 watt HPS.

    I welcome everyone with open arms, questions and comments are always welcome! Rude or ignorant comments will be ignored.

    Red Dragon Day 32


    Alberta Gold Day 32


    Strawberry Amnesia Day 16


    Jillybean Day 16


    Blue Gelato cuttings


    Veg box group shot


    Flower tent


    AK 47 week 6 flower


    AK 47 trichomes


    GSC pollinated by Jillybean


    Tangerine Dream training


    More LST training


    Thanks for following along.

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  2. Hey guys! Today I dropped some new seeds. Maui Waui, and King Cong. The Maui Waui I'm really excited about and I will be sure to take cuttings. The King Cong is a cross between King Kush, and Congolese. It's a regular photoperiod so I'm hoping for a female. The Blue Gelato cutting have all been moved into soil, I hope they will like their new homes. :) In the veg box my bonsai Tangerine Dream is doing very well. Red Dragon got a couple more ties, and some defoliation. Alberta Gold could really use an up-pot as could Jillybean and Strawberry Amnesia but I'm out of Pro-Mix and it's difficult to find some right now. I ordered a bale and it should be here tomorrow... but it should also have been here Wednesday so.... Both Strawberry Amnesia and Jillybean got topped today. In the flower tent I'm still training Blue Gelato and Tangerine Dream to maintain an even canopy. Girl Scout Cookies is on autopilot, and AK 47 is nearing the end so I'm doing nothing to her either.

    Red Dragon Day 33

    View attachment 2771299

    Alberta Gold Day 33

    View attachment 2771300

    Strawberry Amnesia Day 17


    Jillybean Day 17


    Maui Waui


    King Cong


    Group shot clones and seeds


    Canada Guy's Perpetual Indoor Garden
  3. Hey guys! Today my Pro-Mix arrived! Yay! Just in time, as I hear that all non essential stores must close due to covid. I promptly mixed up a batch of 'soil' and proceeded to up-pot Alberta Gold. I did not manage to do the Strawberry Amnesia or the Jillybean today. My soil mix allows me to get through veg with only water, and if I'm growing a male I can also get through flower with only water. I use only 3 ingredients in my mix, Pro-Mix HP, perlite, and earthworm castings. I use a small pot to mix in equal parts. I do 2 parts Pro-Mix, 1 part perlite, 2 parts Pro-Mix, 1 part perlite, 1 part earthworm castings, 1 part Pro-mix. I mix it up and then repeat as necessary for how much soil I need. Then I'll take some soil and add in just the right amount of water so the soil clumps when you squeeze it, but breaks apart when you touch it again. It's not so wet that its dripping with water.

    Red Dragon Day 34


    Alberta Gold Day 34


    Strawberry Amnesia Day 18


    Jillybean Day 18


    My 3 ingredients for a super 'soil'


    Mixed as per above recipe


    Transfer into a manageable container


    Add just the right amount of water


    It should clump like this


    But it should easily break apart


    Thanks for following along.

    Canada Guy's Perpetual Indoor Garden
  4. Hey guys! Today I removed Blue Gelato #2 as she looked dead and limp. I also up-potted Strawberry Amnesia and Jillybean into 1 gallon containers. In the flower tent I was adjusting Blue Gelato and managed to break one of her 4 main colas. My quadline might end up a triline.

    Red Dragon Day 35


    Alberta Gold Day 35


    Strawberry Amnesia Day 19


    Jillybean Day 19


    Blue Gelato broken limb


    Veg box group shot


    Canada Guy's Perpetual Indoor Garden
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  5. Hey guys! Today both AK 47 girls got moved up to bigger pots. Several weeks ago I found a weed growing in my pot with my cannabis so I removed it and gave it a new home. The plant is still growing, and I'm still not sure what it is.

    Red Dragon Day 36


    Alberta Gold Day 36


    Strawberry Amnesia Day 20


    Jillybean Day 20


    AK 47 #1


    AK 47 #2


    Girl Scout Cookies twins


    Mystery plant


    Canada Guy's Perpetual Indoor Garden
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  6. 8-10 years ago I ran mostly TGA stuff..had some of subs very early versions. The Jillybean can get lengthy even though I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to..but for the couple dozen or more I ran of her, she did.
    I miss using his genetics. Garden looks good, will be following along.
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  7. Hey GrowInMi! Thanks for stopping by! The Jillybeans I'm growing are a very early version from the 90s. I love the taste and smell! You are right, she can get a little tall in flower!



    Canada Guy's Perpetual Indoor Garden
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  8. Yeah if not mistaken this room was full of Jillybean..
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  9. And pretty sure this is of my favs.
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  10. I do have one of current grow. My rooms were down for a bit and I just started back up in November. I run 2 flower rooms and a veg/mom room. 4000 watts of sodium in each flower and 2000 watts of halide and t5 in veg.

    In November I was gifted 2 clones. Vegged and made them into mom's, cut clones and those cuttings are now a couple weeks into flower.

    Then in January I was given 10 clones, which are flowering and are now 6-7 weeks since flip..however they are 10-12 week flowering strain, so I've still got a good 30-40 days before they finish.
    But so far so good, especially since it's been a while since I used my rooms.

    Been a while..but some GMO just starting out.
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  11. I'm still trying to figure out your mystery plant, it looks very familiar and I just can't remember what it is.
    I'm sure eventually it will be figured out, but I'd say leave it and see what happens.
  12. It smells like cabbage or brocolli or something like that.

    Canada Guy's Perpetual Indoor Garden
  13. Hey guys! It's another beautiful day in the garden. On mondays I update the flower tent. Last week I said AK 47 was at week 6, but she was only on week 5 as she was flipped Feb 21. Her buds are starting to fatten up nicely. The Blue Gelato triline is also looking very nice, almost purposeful. I took one more cutting of Blue Gelato as the ones I have are not looking very promising... only #1 looks good at the moment. In the veg box Red Dragon got some more training and a defoliation. Hopefully tomorrow I can up-pot the GSC twins.

    Red Dragon Day 37


    Alberta Gold Day 37


    Strawberry Amnesia Day 21


    Jillybean Day 21


    Maui Waui Day 1


    Flower tent


    AK 47 Week 6 of flower


    AK 47 top view


    AK 47 Bic and bud


    Girl Scout Cookies week 4 of flower


    GSC lower buds


    GSC pollinated buds


    Blue Gelato week 2 of flower


    Blue Gelato top view


    Tangerine Dream week 1 of flower


    Tangerine Dream top view


    Blue Gelato x 4


    Thanks for following along.

    Canada Guy's Perpetual Indoor Garden
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  14. Hey guys! Today I moved up both Girl Scout Cookies to a 1 gallon pot. My mystery plant got a bigger home too today. The veg box is getting a little crowded, I think its about time to start more seeds! As always, questions and comments are always welcome.

    Red Dragon Day 38


    Alberta Gold Day 38


    Strawberry Amnesia Day 22


    Jillybean Day 22


    Maui Waui Day 2


    Girl Scout Cookies 1 and 2


    AK 47 #2 training


    Veg box group shot


    Canada Guy's Perpetual Indoor Garden
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  15. Looking great dude, who doesn't love the perpetual. Pulling up a chair.
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  16. Thank you Sirtootsalot! Welcome!

    Canada Guy's Perpetual Indoor Garden
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