Canada eh?

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  1. Hello everybody. What is up? I would just like to say that I to am from Canada (Ontario) where the pot towers as high as some trees and if you grow it in your feild you can always blame it on some one else. I am so happy to have found a sight full of potheads, somewhere that I can say what I really fell about pot and not worry about what people may think. Because your all thinking the same thing I am
    WHAT EXACTLY IS THE BIG DEAL IT'S ONLY POT. I found out today from some one that the Canadian Senate wishes to leaglize pot because it is less dangerous than beer. Duh it only took them how many years to realize this. Something we've know for years. I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is any truth to this? Also I was wondering if any of you have found that weed effects your driving? Because I was told that it must. But I know it dosn't affect mine any. Not just last week I caused an accident completley sober. Fist question my parents asked were you stoned. Not is everyone ok but if it was the fault of weed. In my opininon if I had been stoned I wouldnt have been in such a rush and the accident I cause would have been avoided. What do you think?
    Well I have to go for now but I'll be back because this is the shit. But befor I leave I have one more thing to say (even thoug you may have heard it before) and one more question to ask.
    God made pot and man made beer so who do you trust?


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