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canada day..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by adamBC, Jul 2, 2004.

  1. so im sitting at the park outside the vancouver art museum, and who do i see??

    Mark emery. head of the BC marijuana party. i call him out to my friends, we snap some pictures, and laugh our asses off. before we can start blazing our own bud...

    HE COMES OVER!! me and my bud shake his hand, and he gives up THREE GRAM DOOBS!!! I filmed emery lighting a joint for my friend katherine!

    it was so cool. there was over 1000 of us at the art museum. we had live music, pro marijuana speeches, i bought a sweet pipe, ate banana weed muffins i made, smoked some fat nugs, and chilled all day.

    I love Van.

    I love BC.

    I love canada.

    I love MARIJUANA!
  2. nice

    i am actually taking a vacation to vancouver tomorrow!!!!!
    my plain leaves at i think 1pm from lax

    too bad its a family vacation.....
    i would love to get some bc weed and take it back, but iono where to get ahold of it
  3. very very cool adam! Id be STOKED! sounds like a very chill day!
  4. sweet story man... always cool to meet a celeb... especialy a stoner one...

  5. not sure i follow you..??

    if you mean the huge weedfest, for sure i was there.

    Oh Cannibus!
  6. "too bad its a family vacation.....
    i would love to get some bc weed and take it back, but iono where to get ahold of it"

    Uhh almost anywhere! its vancouver!

  7. outta curiosity, you live near LA? I go to school 'bout 90 miles north of LA (Lancaster)... ever hear of it?
  8. That's awesome. I'd shit. I have hopes of living in BC. : - D Someday.
  9. heheh, keep reaching for that dream sensi, it will come :D

    Bc is fuckin rad. you wont regret it. if anywhere is the land of oppurtunity, this is it.

    did i mention weed is everywhere?

  10. Same here friend. Someday in the near future it is my goal to get a house in BC.

  11. the toker's bowl is a smokeout that marc emery has yearly in the marijuana party HQ. there's a link at
    they rate, and taste over 20 types of bud and then they come up with the 3 winners. cool shit but expensive to go to.
  12. HIGH All, a little late..happy C-Day All.

    Canada the land I worship and love.

    The fireworks were great....nothing like watching a barge in the middle of the was awesome. Wish I could show you more....well you probably can finger it out.

    Attached Files:

  13. woohooo, nice unoit!

    canada's cool;)
  14. What exactly are the laws in bc, because it sounds pretty awsome.

  15. Huh?? Oh...

    Wait what??

    I'm honeslty confused..

  16. HIGH All, jeez didn't take much did it!!

    Just Kidding my friend...started drinking on the 29th of June and didn't stop untill...mmmm..yesterday or the day before..oh well whatever...back to what I was going to say.
    I got so drunk the pics didn't turn out..hence only one pic.

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