Canada claimed war on ISIS?

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  1. I hope this thread is in the correct forum.
    I read on the news that Canada used laser guided missles to take out ISIS equipment. Did Canada claim war on ISIS? If they did, that the first time in over 55 years. Canada is a peace loving country like Austrailia. I never thought I would see the day that Canada would go to war.

  2. probably should be in the politics forum, but anyway i wouldnt be surprised if canada has been involved or is now involved in the fight against isis
  3. Haha no way is Australia a peace loving country!
  4. Ok I may be wrong there.
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    Those days of peace keeping has been long over my friend. At least a decade.  Canada is equally as guilty as USA in todays "war effort".
  6. Correction, HARPER declared war. Yes, he is our prime minister and represents our country but he is quickly becoming (more) unpopular. Destroying our country's characteristic natual beauty, tried to reverse our gay marriage laws, trying to keep MJ illegal (incl. fucking up our MMJ so patients can no longer grow their own).
    He is making, and continues to make a lot of Canadians very angry.
  7. I heard Canada is nice this time of the year
    He's gone next Oct. :)  I'm pretty sure even many conservatives are upset with him.
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    that sounds horrible...sounds like we have what you guys have here in Wisconsin (Scott Walker)...and with our dumb ass people here he got voted in again. Medical marijuana in the state of wisconsin is now a lost will not happen tell a National vote happens. fuckin sucks...2016 im deciding to move if nothing changes. Family in Cali awaits my arrival
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    We had boots on the ground in Afghanistan. Now it's airstrikes.
    When Iraq happened our then Prime  Minister Chretien said no to us going into that mess. But we're in it now.
  11. Agreed on all points. I hardly recognize the country based on politics, sellouts and everything else the Harper crew have done.
  12. It's ok to many Americans we are just America's hat lol.
    Ya our current prime minister is a total piece of shit.
    Since his residency in the seat he has enforced mandatory minimum sentences and doubled the length of many sentences.  There never used to be such a thing in Canada.
  14. I'm pretty sure we still have troops in Afghanistan in some capacity. Or if we don't now we did for a long ass time. Canada has very good soldiers it's just we have a very small military and our military tech sucks compared to the States.

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