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Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Schemz, Nov 27, 2002.

  1. What are your thoughts on Canadian Budd??
    I've been told by Americans that smoke our shit that they never seen shit like this and it usually isn't my best khan.

    Im just claryfying the fact that our neighbours are missing out ON SOME HIGGGHHHH GRRAAAADDESSS
  2. I know, They prety much get commercial unless they pay 20 $ or grow it themselves, I get good quality indoor for 10$, and its the best sativa stuff around!
  3. Jesus you guys are lucky as hell. Want to know what I pay for a 1/8 of a ounce? 50 fucking dollars!!!! yes 50. You guys just be thankful that you get your product for so little
  4. well, its about the same after the conversion, I pay 65 can for 1/4 of an o , about 7 grams, but thats only cause its high grade, ican get cheaper for 45-50 $ for 7 grams, but thats mostly outdoor (headaches)
  5. midwestern us im getting 25$ 8th of dank
  6. B-stick, where in the midwest are you? i can never find hard core dank for less than $40 an 1/8, and i am lucky when i don't pay $50.
  7. and 40 $ american = 65$ canadian, so you see, its about even in the end, I can pay 25$ us , but like i say its commercial outdoor...
  8. damn ... i pay for my weed 6 - 12euro depending on the quality. and even the 6euro buds will blow ya minds
  9. That's insane. I live in Texas (U.S.) and can get 9-10 gram bags for like $20-25. Guess we're lucky too. That, or our shit sucks.
  10. well i've had good smoke from canada but the best smoke i've had some from the states.
  11. the last sack i bought was an 1/8 of killer, killer bud for $20.. a street dealer

    fuckin eh!

  12. I'd have to agree with my good pal overgrowray on this...the best pot ive smoked was from oregon. BC bud is delicious, lots of good canadian strains...i've tried many, not all...but the truth is, when it really boils down to it, it all mainly depends on the luck of the draw. Just cuz someone lives in southern texas doesn't mean that all they can get is "mexi-brick" grade..and the same goes for canada..just cuz you buy your pot in canada doesn't guarantee you won't get fucked for your money, or that the pot you'll get is even half decent...its really more all about who you know than where you live wouldn't you say?...

    EDIT: basically what im trying to say is this whole ranking countries based on rumored quality of pot isn't the best way of going about be quite honest I doubt theres any unbiased, or even possible way period, that you can judge one country's pot with the nenxt....let alone a country as vast and highly populated as America or Canada...

    well one exception would have to be the netherlands...hopefully in the near future it'll be the same for canada and the rest of the world too.

  13. exactly.

    It would be nice to know what the "best" weed in the world really was, but then again everyone has there own tastes so there could never be just one. Good weed is grown everywhere and sinse so many people are growing indoors a lot of the bud is the same.
  14. best weed in the world?...i'd have to say morrocan finger hash....does that count? ;) fav strain as of right now is Greatwhite..I beliueve its a cross between akush and white widow..but i may be mistaken..who cares though right? as long as i get the same good ol' warm feelin inside i get after smoking any bowl
  15. yeah as long as your high thats all that matters.

    I don't have a fav strain right now, i don't really grow at the moment and all the weed around here is commercal and you never hear of the strain names of them. I like bud with a fruity taste, NL is an all time fav. I'm going to grow C99 and BCcouchlock, i hope they turn out great, i already got the seeds.
  16. nice...hopefully you'll have some nice plants on your hands in no time...

    ..hey BTW did you ever get a chance to plant some of those poppies?
  17. I did try planting a few poppies, my dog was left in the house alone one day and ripped apart my plants, well i gave up for the time being. I'm going to wait until it starts to get warm and start some in a starter box of mine then put them outside. My mother told me she wanted a poppy garden, ha go figure, so i really hope to have some over next summer. Once you plant them they come back year after year right? If you don't mess with the roots? I can't remember. My mom has a few poppies, but i don't know if i could get opium out of them. I should have my truck running too by summer so i'll have little gardens of all sorts of plants everywhere.

    I just bought some bud last night that came from canada, its pretty good, skunky, paid $45 a quarter, very good prices for around here, i hope i can keep getting this shit but the guy that traffics it does runs a lot less often now. I wanna get a boat and smuggle weed from canada into the states over the great lakes, i think there would be a lot less risk there intstead of driving across the boarder.
  18. well when I harvest my poppies I take out the roots since they usually have the highest morphine content out of the whole long as you let some of the pods mature and spread their seeds all over you shouldn't have to worry about replanting any seeds for years to come

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