Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by frogboy_cannbis, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. can n e one tell me how 2 make canabutter? im sure lots of other people wud like 2 kno 2
  2. canabutter??

    u mean butter with pot in it? i've made it before but it was soooo long ago i can't remember. somehow the thc rises and that's the part u use. but how to get it i can't remember! sry, i'm sure someone soon will know and post for ya!

  3. Nope, butter made from pot...
  4. There's plenty of threads about this, even ones with other recipies. Try searching next time.

  5. Lol, you cant make pot into butter, you have to start with butter, then add the pot. Butter comes from cream, not plants [​IMG]

  6. lmao, i was thinkin that too lol. i've made it before i thought i knew somewhat of what i was talkin aboot lol;)

  7. My bad, I apollogize, got a little confused... but I do know you can make butter from the seeds...
  8. i'm just laughin here lol;)

  9. I'm glad that at least once in a while you guys find a little amusement in your lives... ;)

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