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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jay t bell, Apr 15, 2004.

  1. HI.
    Heres how i make my canabutter.
    i call this poor mans canabutter because i use only male plants and leaves ive pruned of females.
    what i do is collect all shade leaves and put them in a bag and store in the freezer untill i have about 3-4 oz then i begin.
    what you need is,
    1 crock pot or large pan with lid,
    2l water,
    your leaves and male plants(you can use bud if you want 1oz would do and i would half every thing else)
    500g butter.

    i would just like to say if you use bud you get a differnt stone then using leaves and male plants.i have to have alot of bud to do canabutter with bud.i like smoking my bud.
    The method is the same anyway.
    so put your mj in the pot with everything else and turn on.

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  2. ok after a while it will look like this.

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  3. i give it 24 hrs and then i strain

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  4. then its back to the pot for about another 12 hrs.
    what im doing here is just reducing the liquid i do it in the pot with the lid on because it keeps the smell down.
    right so ive reduced by half.
    now into the fridge for a while(to let the butter set)

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  5. HI,
    right the butter is set now.i just run a knife around the edge to loosen the butter and pop out it comes.

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  6. ok so youve got your butter
    you can throw away that other stuff the water and sedimant i dried it out once and got a friend to smoke it,it had no effect,never tried drinking the liquid stuff yet.

    i would like to say at this point im still experimenting on how to get max thc out of this method but i think im pritty much there.

    the butter only wheighs 400gs now.

    right guys an girls its upto you now.
    you can make alsorts of things the most common to be cakes, muffins,cookies and brownies i like to just add it to chocolate.
    i add 200gs of the butter and just 175g-200g of dark chocolate.

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  7. and heat and stir toegether

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  8. then i pour into icecube trays and put into the fridge to set.this choc is not stable at room temp.

    well thats it guys an girls.
    laters jay.

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  9. Great job man! your effort is greatly appreciated!
  10. thats great to know as my girl will be handling all cookin details for this years festivals. I got a friendf who makes caramels out of the cannabutter. my girl and i have split one in half and it still leaves us both dazed. I might have only started growing just to oust him and his allmighty caramel. lol
  11. nice post.... *thumbsup*
  12. Have u ever try making chocobananas, or strawberry, cherry deep in that canna chocolate/......?...
  13. HI shady no.
    i was a pastry chef for over ten years so i know some great recipes.i could add nuts or dried fruit just simple things but i dont cant be botherd to be honest not after all that .but i might one day just to impress my friends or to get some unsuspecting people stoned lol.
    going to sample today on empty stomach.
    cheers guys laters jay.
  14. Have fun mate... i will do some cannabutter these year, and make some Jay chocolate for these christmas.. lol... year going by really fast... 3 month past, and dossent even feel like it...latezz..
  15. HI

    ive had enough of the choc for a bit plus my friends dont like it that much the taste that is so i did something different.

    short bread nice easy and fast to make

    200g canabutter
    80g sugar
    250g flour

    ok mix sugar and butter toegether then fold in flour.all you need now is something to bake it in.i used a 8"cake tin.put your dough in the tin and just press it down with your hands so its flat and even put some holes in the dough sprinkle sugar over it and place in a preheated oven 175c cook for around 30 mins.remve from oven sprinkle some more sugar and cut into slices........thats it heres a pic to see what mine looks like.......

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  16. nice jay very helpful....all i need is some leaves and im done!....anyone hear of the mormons in australia who were door knocking on ppls houses, one guy invited em in and fed them some hash cookies!! they were fucked and said that the only time they felt like that was when they went to the doctors or dentist and got laughing gas ROFL and that guy who gave em to them got fucked up too
  17. Doesnt THC break down with high temperatures? something like 150 degrees C.
  18. erm how hot does water get?... :confused: ...mmmm you might want to think about it for a bit the way thc is fat soluble..
  19. Good way of making cannabutter... There's another, less time-consuming way that I learned...

    You take your herb, grind it up in a coffee grinder (or as small as you can get it if you don't have a grinder). Fry these buds in some butter for about 10-20 mins (keep a candy thermometer handy to make sure your temps don't get above 300F). Strain, and let the butter set. This is for smaller amounts of the butter though. If you're going for large amounts, or using a crock pot, you can go for longer I guess.
  20. yeh...ive heard of that way...the water this way stops any need for the thermom and gauranties no thc burn of......

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