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canabutter.. smokeable?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LaFFiZzLe, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. can i smoke canabutter?
  2. would you smoke regular butter?
  3. why would you go to all the effort to make cannabutter if you were just gonna turn around and smoke it? you need bud to make cannabutter and i'll bet the bud smokes butter than solid milk-fat.
  4. Make some oil.
  5. It's best to freebase the butter IMO.
  6. Really though, why would you want to?
  7. back in the day we put tht shit on our blunts it made it burn slower but gave it a buttery taste
  8. Common sense...
  9. dude you made me laugh so hard +rep
  10. If you actually have to ask if you can SMOKE FUCKING BUTTER, you shouldn't be smoking ANYTHING.
  11. I think the OP might be the reason ROFLMAO was defined.
  12. How bout thinking before the long process of making this butter maybe i should set some aside to smoke.
  13. New



  14. wow...just wow
  15. Just cook something with the fucking cannabutter and eat it, this thread is so fucking retarded....this is pretty much why i stay away from this section of the site.

  16. hahah this is why i come to this see ppl ask stupid questions
  17. LOL, NICE:hello:
  18. Same here. A lot of the threads are irritating as fuck, but they're usually some of the funniest ones on GC simply because of how absurd they are.
  19. Lol me TOO!

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