Canabis connoisseurs of Orange County, CA

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    Hello. I am new to southern California. I am looking for like minded people in orange county area that enjoy smoking.
  2. your in the wrong one smokes there
  3. Online forums aren't the best way to connect with other people who are publicly considered "criminals", but welcome to the board.
  4. I think everyone is gonna be sketched out by a 1 post counter looking to 'chill' with MARIJUANA smokers.
  5. I'm not sketched by this guy at all!!!!

    I live in san diego county.
    PM me if you ever come down here to so-so-cal
    i have a great connection
    the homie puts me on a front of some of the dankest stuff in SD
  6. Yeah bro I don't know you at all but you can come to my house.I will tell my kids to go play outside.We can get vaped and get to know each other.
  7. good thing im in the midwest officer
  8. Dude you dont even know. OC has way to many stoners trust me.
  9. dude i think he was being sarcastic:rolleyes:

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