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Cana oil recipes for E-Cig

Discussion in 'E-Liquids & E-Juice, E-Cigarettes' started by dieselman, Oct 3, 2015.

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    I couldn't find it in the search, but does anyone know a good recipe to use oil as an effective delivery for the E-Cig?

    Would you use glycerin? or alcohol ? both? to mix the oil in the ejuice?


  2. Honestly it takes so much product to make a potent e-cig mixture that it isn't worth it unless you have access to a large amount of free or cheap trim. With lower ratios of bud or hash it works better to just make a glycerin tincture for sublingual use in my opinion.
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    What about less potent mixtures. Someone like me who vapes pretty much constantly, unless I'm typing or in class, wouldn't mind the lower ratio.

    When I get more bud, I'd love to experiment with making some. To me, it would be ideal to be able to mix both, so it didn't smell like weed as much, still, tasted like a blend of the weed liquid and e liquid, and let me maintain a mild high covertly.

    I wish I had access to trim. I know there's tons of it near me right now, but I don't know anyone.

    Edit: just saw the thread you posted. Definitely has everything I need, thanks man!
  4. Thanks, exactly what I was looking for. Kinda surprised though as I feel inhalation is the most effective vs ingestion. I find I need a ton to hit me with ingestion. I have access to a small grow, so I'm going to give this a shot.


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    There is a difference between ingestion and sublingual administration. I can't explain it but you can take the same tincture and use it under the tongue and it is much more effective. It doesn't enter your digestive system like an edible, its absorbed into the blood stream in your mouth and hits faster and harder than ingestion.

    Yea if you have access to plenty of material why not try it. It works best to first make a concentrate and then add that to your tincture. I had considered making some but only had a couple of ounces of trim left so I just made bubble hash.
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  7. The guy that did the work updated his 2013 technique.

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