Cana Cola

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  1. $10 fucking bucks a can!!! FUCK THAT!!!
  2. Yeah but you'd probably be high as shit for like a day after drinking one of those.

    Also, I believe they have this in the Dam already...:D Woowoo! SOMEONE SEND ME A CAN....or 10.

  3. Haha I was just about to post the same thing. Sounds really good, but for $10, I could buy a bag and smoke it or make firecrackers or something.
  4. its 3 servings for 10 bucks!!!
  5. There are cheaper ways to get high as shit.

    Plus I don't need what's in that soda, all those artificial things.

    You know that it's just gonna be the same list of ingredients that are always bad for you+weed. I'd rather make my own tea and puff on a fat bowl.:smoke:

    But it is a cool idea, if I ever have the chance to get one you know I will. I doubt I'll ever have the opportunity so if it ever does arise you bet I'm taking it.

    3 servings you say?

    I'd still finish the can, I mean it's only 12 ounces.

  6. Really its already out in? As anyone drank it?
  7. Not from that company but I believe they sell canna colas in Amsterdam lol. (plz correct me if I'm wrong, someone).

    I need to move to one of these medical states already..sheesh.
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    think about it though... coke sells for 1$ a can, but you can buy 12 for like 6 bucks. hopefully they sell them for a little cheaper in cases or some shit. i could see why they wouldnt though ahah

    EDIT: how many Mgs of straight THC are there in a gram? 35-65 is a lot isnt it?


    desided to interested ahah

    so in a gram there could be up to 30mg. so its kinda a good deal if you dont wanna make your own.
  9. Well they already sell the milk its pretty mush the same thing. Its just got tincture in it one drop and your high as hell

  10. im with you Colorado sounds awesome. Lets get an apt together bladies unite :smoke:
  11. You can make your own by simply adding hash tinctures made with glycerin or alcohol, to your favorite pop. :)
    MUCH cheaper than $10 a can :eek:

    I make a carbonated "Canna Party *Punch*", for festive gatherings.
  12. Let me get that recipe ^

    pwease =)
  13. I hope this gets around to Mass regardless lol.I just wanna try it once.

  14. Im not talking about drinking it everyday ha ha ha I actually dont like soda I barely drink it but Id like to try it! ^
  15. It's just a marketting scheme. Nothing I get sucked into.
  16. It's worth a try.

    Wish I could get my hands on one all the way over here in south Florida. *wink wink*
  17. thats like saying all edibles are a marketing scheme. idk I think its a step forward more shit we get our green little fingers into the better.
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    While I'm here:

    - 2 cups strong Cranberry, or other juice (or one can concentrate, for a stronger juice flavor without sacrificing carbonation)

    - 2 litres tonic or sparkling water, or ginger ale (will be almost too sweet with ginger ale, depending on the tincture used)

    - 4 oz's medium glycerin tincture (containing roughly 6 grams hash total, made for consumption rather than sublingual under-tongue use). If using a pre-sweetened juice and a sweetened carbonated beverage, you can use an alcohol tincture rather than glycerin, to cut down on the sweet flavor.

    Mix your tincture, and cranberry juice, now add to a large party punch bowl. Add some ice cubes, cut pieces of frozen fruit, whatever you normally would to make things festive. Slowly add yoru carbonated beverage, and stir gently.

    Now serve, being sure to very gently swirl the mix, before ladling each serving out. For people with a very large tolerance, it makes 12 large x .5 gram servings (roughly a full standard glass, each), or for those with an average tolerance, 24 x .25 gram servings (roughly a wine-glass sized serving each).
    When a hash tincture is made well, a person of average tolerance will require the equivalent of .25 grams, sometimes even less.

    Making smaller personal-quantities will ensure a more even and equal dose, per drink, those hobbyists who already bottle their own beer (hash-spiked beer, anyone?) or juices will have fun with this, but party punch bowls are great for the holiday season or special occasions :) When people start getting 'up there' and the stirring is forgotten, eventually, someone ends up with a nice large dose.. that's kind of like a drinking game, eh'?


    LOL, I planned on posting this immediately after my last post.. didn't realize I already had a couple requests. :) No worries, I've got a edible journal in the works, I'll be contributing this recipe again (with photos) over there.
  19. As a side note, most probably won't bother or have the supplies available to them, but if several hours prior to preparing the drink, you 'homogenize' your tincture and juice first, by heating both together with soy lecithin, the pre-serve stirring becomes less necessary and more effective when done, and the bioavailability (or absorptive qualities) of the hash tincture itself will improve due to the lecithin.

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