Can Yoy Hire A Security Guard to Guard A Legal Medical Garden?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by 5150, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. Has any member ever even heard of this? Do you think it would fly? I am talking a real security guard not say a hired friend.

    It would be to guard a grow site in residential neighborhood not a guerrela grow.

    Can you hire a armed proffesional security? or even a rent a pig.

    I am not thinking about doing this but I was just wondering? what is your take on it?
  2. Cant imagine why not. I would just limit even the security gaurds access and knowledge. The less they know the better. Just sit in your chair boy and shoot anyone but me...

  3. I would say for sure. But i think all those doggs are enough that u have if i wasnt in ur shoes with the dogs and the plants u have.

    Camera system so i can atleast know who it was. Which ur legal so u can get the guy arrested and but i know u cant replace the urb tho.

    I dont what kind of work u do

    or maybe vacation ur worried about.

    But u can stream the cameras to u labtop.

    Tie ur dogg with leashes so they cover every part of the yard you should see my friends medical outdoor grow like on of those on the news 4 pitbulls all on like 20 foot leashes pefectly place all around his big backyard. Ur not going back there at all!

    I cant lie tho im a little nervous too.
  4. loose lips sink ships
  5. Pitbulls and rotts work better...

    100% loyal, they dont smoke...

    And as long as they have a tennis ball and some kibbles n bits they're happy campers

    But if ya gotta hire one, get an old guy with a big gun lol
  6. Just keep it to yourself. You'll be fine.
  7. ill sit there with a gun. sounds like fun to me, just sittin around bud plants shooting unwanted vistors. your gonna need a lot of plants for a nice turnover inorder to make profit and pay your security gaurd
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    Go over and check out Grandma Ghudeni's grow last year. He pitched a "security tent" next to the patch. This practice is common among cash croppers. In the Emerald Triangle guys will set up a Bolivian that doesn't speak English with a AK-47 and tell him "Shoot anybody who isn't me." However, I believe the only true security is in proper plot selection and obfuscating your paths to and from. :D
  9. Dont worry 5150, they will need a skidder to get those things out of your yard, you will wake up to that!
  10. Its a nice idea in theory, but in reality it wouldn't work out. If you hire anyone to guard your shit, even if they are armed, they can't use deadly force to prevent a theft. And if you can't shoot someone for stealing your shit, what's the point? I tend to side with the others....keep it low key, tell NOBODY, and be smart. Even if its a legal medical grow and gets ripped off, there isn't going to be much you can do to recoup your loss. Insurance won't cover it, most police departments wouldn't even consider it a crime, and even if they do, the shitbag who stole it isn't going to have any real punishment thru the system. Stealth is the key. All others we bury deep enough so the bears can't smell them....
  11. Most are are thinking a really want to do this. Basicaly I was just wondering if it was even possible.

    sure I do not tell anyone but in my case there is a very good chance my plants have already been seen. I have huge plastic walls hidding my plants now. The good thing is my backyard is hidden to all but one neighbor that is family to me. That neighbor has Spanish yard crew that come once a week. If they have not sen it I would be very surprised. when they come I watch them like a hawk thru the crack in my fence to see if they show any signs of the plants. So far nothing.

    All this got me thinking if one could hire a rent a pig. And couild it be done in a legal way.

    There is a 3 hour period daily that my plants are only guarded by my dogs. If I knew that the yard crew guys have seen them and say maybe the local teenage kids looking over my gate. I would consider hiring a person for that 3 hours. It would probably not be a rent a pig though. I am sure I could find a close friend.

    I have 4 dogs, Rot,lab, jack russel <-- killer watch alarm dogs and a palmeranian alarm clock,

    I sleep everynight in my tent 5 feet from the plants. Yah my dogs sleep in the tent with me. LOL
  12. This time of year - camp out by your grow with a shotgun.
  13. line the yard with trip wires that sound alarms... or landmines

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