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    smoke green tea leaves? like the leaves out of the tea bags.

    I read somewhere that you could (and yes I did a search but nothing came up)

    has anyone tried this? I'm not looking to get high,

    I have other things for that, but I heard it gives you

    a more awake and focused feeling, but mild.

    I'm just bored and looking for things to experiment with.. :cool:
  2. i have. its not all that worth it. i guess though its worth a try. tastes a lil funky.

    idk, give it a try, in a joint though, dont load a bowl.
  3. i did smoke regular tea once. didnt get anything off of it, and yes it tastes different, but not bad.

  4. I just rolled a joint and I'm passing it between me, my boy, and my brother

    yeahhh the taste is kinda stout but not so bad

    what could it possibly hurt? lol
  5. watch out for laced leaves
  6. pcp? :eek:

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