Can You Use T8 As Alternative To T5...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by darren1978, May 24, 2013.

  1. I have been doing some looking around and there are so many bulbs out there today,back in the day they used T12 and then T8 now T5 i have seen people use T8 all through their grow on youtube with the 6400 and mix with 2700 for a diff spectrum off light,my question is can this really be done as i used 2x cfls and my plant died when it got to 2 inchs and just wanted to see if this would work ??  thx for the advice guys 

  2. Sure they can be used the main deference is efficiency a 4' T8 can range from 2600-2800 lumen output where as a T5HO of the same length is almost 5,000 lumens.  I believe there are HO versions of T8's which would be slightly better than reg T8 but still not close to the T5HO.  With either bulbs you still have to deal with the fact that the light is not very penetrating, however they work ideally for seedling, clones and even veg.  Can you use them for flowering sure but yield and density for bud MAY be impacted and the buds tend to light and airy.  Makes sure to get the right Kelvin temp for the right age of your plant though...the 6400 and 2700 you mentioned would work perfectly for veg and flower respectively.

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