Can you use GH nutes in soil??

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  1. Hello,

    Im about to start my first real grow 400w hps in my closet with a bubblebucket i have kings kush seeds and im going to use those in the bubble bucket but my friend has a Jack 33 plant about 4 weeks veg in soil that hes giving me. He uses iguana grow nutes all i have is GH Bloom and Micro could i use those???
  2. Yeah they work good in soil also.
    From their site FAQ :
    "Can GH nutrients be used in soil?

    Answer: Absolutely! All of our nutrient blends contain the necessary elements for plant growth. Start with the formula ratios identified on the label for the specific plant or crop you are growing, and then adjust and experiment until you find the right formula for your specific need.

    For further information, refer to our Drain to Waste feed charts."
  3. I use GH FloraDuo Part A and B in my soil grow and it's worked great! Don't have much experience to go on tho since this is only my second grow.
  4. Alright Thanks for the help!
  5. Post some pics up when your all setup!
  6. Okay Will do just gotta get my camera!
  7. Sorry ive been gone for a few days had to adjust the room a little one of my friends added his 400 watt mh and a cfl to the closet and brought his critical mass and white shark over so im gonna put the kings kush off for a little while. Will have pics up tonight!
  8. First picture: 400 watt HPS, cfl, and a 400 MH
    Second picture: Group(From left to right) White Shark 33, Jack 33, and Critical Mass 33
    Third and Fourth picture: Jack Top and Side view
    Fifth and Sixth picture: Critical Mass side and top
    Seventh and Eighth picture: White Shark side and top

    Also, i forgot to mention i only used the GH Bloom and Micro one time every other has been with AN Iguana grow. it was my friends he brought with the rest and was originally used for jack.

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  9. I would love any help or recommendations on what i could add/change to improve the grow!
  10. Nice looking plants man!

    The one under the hps looks really wilted. You should think about getting some more fans in there to move the air and heat around, maybe hit her with some water.

    Keep posting!:)
  11. I had just fed them yesterday and they are looking better now but i think i am gonna add some more water the white shark still seems a bit thirtsy. and i have 3 fans 1 big one pushing air in the room and two little ones directly on the left and right plant. the temp is always between 73-77. should i still add another fan?
  12. I have used gh nutes in soil, hempy, dwc, and coco. Works great!

  13. Imo I would try and lower the temps to nothing above 70 so maybe another fan would work well for you. My box stays at around 70 and drops to about 60 (or a little lower) at night.

    If it continues to droop you should maybe raise the hps light up and away from the plant a bit. How far away is it from the plant now?
  14. Your temps are fine.
  15. I did raise the light up and got rid of the cfl and moved the fans around but the white shark was droopy because it was over fed we flushed it and it perked up right away. ill post some pics later and we also started flowering yesterday
  16. More pics!
    First Picture:White Shark sturdy stem
    Second:Critical Mass top picture
    Third:White Shark top
    Fourth:Jack top
    Fifth:Critical Mass Nice stem
    Sixth:Jacks beefy looking stem
    Seventh:White Shark looking healthy after a nice flush

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  17. Lookin great man!
  18. thanks! im very excited to see the outcome!
  19. Not sure if the fan in the pic is the only one your running but I found my ladies love having a light breeze blowing on them at the canopy level.
  20. no i have another fan in the corner and another one bringing air into the room right in front but i do want to get another one just to be safe

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