Can you use Dutch Master ZONE with GH products?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by sunndropper, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Can you mix Dutch Master ZONE with the General Hydroponics products such as...
    1. FloraMicro
    2. FloraGro
    3. FloraBloom
    4. Floralicious Grow
    5. Diamond Nectar
    6. FloraBlend
    7. FloraNectar Fruit N' Fusion
    I was using all of these products with Subculture-M and Subculture-B in a small ebb & flow system. I don't have enough plants to fill the ebb & flow so I switched back to my DWC type Bubbleponic tote (with a pump pumping nutrient solution into the net pots). I use Dutch Master ZONE in this system but want to know if I can use the nutrients and additives listed above with it.

    Do electronic pH meters work under CFL lights? Somewhere I heard that they don't.
  2. Maybe you can try the LED Grow Lighttings,because its the best saving-energy.If you wanna to know about it ,please contact me , .Skype:cidly56
  3. I was using LED for my primary lighting. I didn't like how I had to turn on a secondary light to look at the plants. And I don't think that my 90 watt UFO was doing much in terms of maximum plant growth. I have heard of good things when people use those thousand dollar LED setups but I am just sticking with white light cause I like to look at the plants all the time. Also, the LED light seemed like it was hurting my eyes or something. Peace.

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