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Can you unknowingly get high?

Discussion in 'General' started by Flya Den U, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. I know this may probably seem like a stupid question, but you know like how in movies and stuff people would be high and they would just think they are having a good day or something..
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    but i ask this because you know like the first few minutes of a high you dont know if you feel it, but then BAM! it hits you. Well if you didnt smoke and some one just 'drugged' you (like they give you a brownie or they pump smoke in your room, idk) would you notice?

    argh... ya'll probbly dont understand:confused::confused::confused:
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    Through edibles yes, but you will still know something is up. A non-smoker that eats a brownie or something will know they feel really good/weird, but won't know why. Although, if they have heard of our 'enhanced' brownies, and have even mild suspicions that the person who gave them that brownie is a smoker, then they might connect the dots.
  3. i kno what your talking about, if a non smoker got high with out knowing it they would be like "oww my god what the fuck is going on today, nothing feel right but owwww so good" but if a stoner got high with out knowing they would be like how the fuck did i get high

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