can you turn regular bag seed into some dank...

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by blazeroline, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. hey wats up i am new to growin but not to smoking and i was wondering could you take like some good mid seeds and grow them in good conditions and add nutrients and stuff could it become danker than wat it really was....?
  2. Potentially yes. If the weed you got had good genetics and just wasn't grown well, then you could surely grow it into some finer weed giver the right conditions.
  3. ^^ agreed.

    very often the limiting factor of weed quality is not genetics but rather how it was grown. the fact that the bud had seeds in it is a good indicator that the plant was not grown perfectly in the first place, which means the seeds (if grown perfectly) may likely produce better bud than the bud the seed originally came from.
  4. Grow it sin semilla, and dry and cure it properly, and it will be a lot better smoke than its parent.
  5. Grown right and cared for yes you will get a much better end result. But don't expect some mexi-schwag to turn into Kush.
  6. its not any reg or anything..its some pretty good mid..and i been smokin 4 a good min now .. so i was just thinkin if i could turn that good mid into like nugs
  7. There is a chance, then, it depends on if it was growed with care to begin with.

    If you do it right it can't be worse, but for your first grow don't be expecting anything insane. Start with this see how you do, then worry more about getting top quality genetics and such. Odds are if it's pretty good now you will end up with something similar.

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