Can you TRUST the last person you talk to on here or what you post????

Discussion in 'General' started by MissBaracuta, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. You go so long trying to find answer or answers and finally you trust others on this site to answer your questions.  My question to you is can you honestly trust the other on here giving you advice or setting you up?  I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but I wonder which is the truth???

  2. This place is loaded with nice people. Its like I have a bunch of brothers and sisters.
  3. just asking for reassurance is all!!!
  4. Depends on the people and the things we talk about. For show recommendations I trust about 4 people since they have good taste and we have similar tastes. For life advice it depends on the person and how they come across.
    dont trust us
    dont trust anyone
    dont even trust yourself
  6. Unless it's Granny take it everything with a grain of salt. The userbase here is retarded.
  7. I think it depends on how long the person giving advice has been around, not just on this site but you know age does beget wisdom to a degree. It depends on how they respond, too. If I asked someone a question I genuinely wanted an answer to and all I got was weird-ass comments in return, no I wouldn't trust it. But if the person was giving me some sound advice, I'd trust it. Additionally, I suppose for me, when it comes to talking to others, because I'm more talkative online, I do tend to trust others on sites more than normal but I also take whatever is said to me and see how I feel about it. I'm not going to blindly trust anyone, online or not, but I will take onboard whatever is said to me. 
  8. It's up to you to use your best judgement on whether to believe what someone posts.
  9. I know what you mean and yours is one of the best answers I have seen so far!!!  I prefer honesty over anything else!
  10. i'm not the nsa.
    i swear.
  11. ..Must not leave insulting remark..thats what Old Mac would do..
    Why were you banned?
  13. Eh, something about disparaging remarks made towards a protected species. I contend the statements were taken out of context.
    I dont think the user base here is retarded, i mean you can tell when people are trolling you and if your an easy person to troll online this probably isnt the place for you but overall i would trust alot of the posts that come out, then again if your taking life advice off a forum you probably have some re-evaluating to do. 
    But i think most users here who have been here for a while trust more users on this site then people in their life, finding genuine people online isnt terribly hard, for me anyways, i dont know how other people feel about that.
  15. I dunno man, there's people admitting to ban evasion in this very thread, People rampantly post shit in the wrong section. Majority of people who use the mobile app contribute nothing to discussions. People call troll every chance they get. The search function may as well be non-existent, I could go on but I'm not trying to be a Debby Downer, I love the site. There's just been an extreme decline in quality.
    Yeah but could you imagine this site if everybody followed the rules and did what they came here to do and then just leave? 
    put that opinion away before i accuse you of trolling.
  18. You can only trust someone so far till they earn the rest of the trust. Only one on here has  done that for me
  19. I'm not sure why people would leave. If people followed rules we'd still be able to talk about other drugs in Pandora. Everybody should read the rules. If people would leave because of that I'd consider it quality control. If they didn't stick around they probably didn't contribute much, didn't integrate into the community or don't understand what a forum is for.
    aww im glad i have a special place in your heart

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