Can you top/fimm a side branch?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by FatEinstein, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. Probs a dumb question but I've never see a reference to it in any of the top/fimming guides i've read.

    Fat E:D
  2. bump for question
  3. I'm pretty sure femming IS topping a side branch
  4. I thought fimming was when you cut 75% (ish) of the new growth from the new leaves on the main stem?
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  5. Subscribed and a bump cuz I was wondering the same thing.
  6. Probably. Try it. It won't kill your plant, that's for sure.
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  7. I don't think it would make much of a difference unless you were doing a ScrOG.
  8. :Dit can be done to any growing tips,anywhere on the plant;)

    ;)i've had up to 9 new branches shoot from 1 fim'ed top(only on 1 plant).i usually get between 3&7 new tops when i fim.did a purple kush in 5gal. bucket,fim'd at 18" then every couple weeks till flowering i fim'd every tip on the plants main branches & tops.the result was almost a pound of big,tall,fat buds from a plant 5' wide &`5'6"tall including the bucket.:eek::smoking::smoking::wave:
  9. Whoa. Do you happen to have any pics of that monster plant?
  10. :eek:unfortunetly no they were on my cell when it fell in river:mad:but my buddy grew one of the same clones in the ground.her sister was 5' tall,7'across & 14' in diameter w/buds the size of his forearms:eek:right at 2 pounds:cool:i think there's pics in his gallery;)search jbyrd's 3200watt perpetual organic grow:Dlots of good info there & good people too:cool: see u there:smoking::smoking::wave:

  11. Awesome! Just found the link: jbyrd Gallery - Marijuana Pictures, Photos & Videos - Media Gallery
  12. Now THAT is a plant. *whistles*
  13. 5 feet? This guy had plants outgrow his carport! lol
  14. has anyone seen side branches grow from the nodes on side branches?
  15. Awesome post, Respect! My question is does bending work better than fim tec on certain plant strains that have more of a main cola style such as grape ape compared to cherry kush wich is much more branchy and spread out? Fim referring to cherry kush being bore branchy, and bending referring to Grape ape strain being more main kola style? Does it make a difference of should I Stick with Fim Tecnique/Topping All Around?:smoke:
  16. I got some serds from colorado and.i topped it and for a few days it didnt grow but one morning i look and i see some leaves developing and with in a few days it grew almost 7 inches but if i was you id top it and wait a few days for it to heal then start some lst then top side branches and just keep alternating. Get a nice bushy plant that grows nice buds
  17. "U can milk anything with nipples"
    Aka u can top anything that has a top
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  18. glad thats settled
  19. nope. Fim means "fuck, I missed" in reference to topping. Please try researching before you make yourself look so stupid. Thanks.

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