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Can you tell...?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Butterfly3, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. Sorry about that, I didn't know what to put in the thread title. I would think this would be the forum to ask it or section. Hopefully, I get answers too, haha.

    Is there a way that I can know by eye if the stuff I buy is really how many grams they say?
    Is there any way to know what type of weed it is from a photo? Or if it's good quality at least?
  2. First if worried about weights get a scale, there cheap. And no way from a photo can a person say if it's good or not, I've seen crazy looking weed that was shitty and shitty looking weed that would wreck your world.
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  3. No. there is no way to eyeball weed.
    As above. Go buy a $10 set of pocket scales online, or from a tobacconist sometimes?
    Cheap, efficient, and lets you know what you need to.

    This is the main thing you want to avoid...if you go back to a dealer and said you thought it looked light...they'd ask if you weighed it. No? I'm sure you can tell how the rest of the conversation would go.
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  4. Grow ur own and then you will know.
    Get a jewlers loupe and look at the trichs. Got plenty, probably good, aint got none then its probably been used to make something else like wax.
    That is shit is everywhere, they take at least half from the bud and then dry it and sell. It's shitty then
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  5. Th ou nuking the last shit I got was blasted then dried, bagged and sold, breaking it up left fingers all waxy and no sticky to it at all. Took 1 toke and tossed all of it. Not even worth the time to tell the guy due to my harvest happening.
  6. He got some of that weed I'm talking about.
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  7. It's possible to judge weight by sight but only when you're looking at a scale.
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  8. I'd love to grow my own, but there is no way you can get seeds. Someone in PM told me to buy online. There is no way. They would throw them out and I'd be out of money and seeds. It's still illegal here.
  9. Actually...the percentage of mail and even air mail that gets checked vs what doesn't? Lets just say you're playing with far better odds than you would in any other situation.
    Usually if the worst happens and they get picked up they'll just send you a note from customs saying "these aren't legal, knock it off..."
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  10. Yea, I read some past threads on here about it. Someone said it probably would depend on how many seeds you're wanting? Plus I saw like one seed is $7, I'm sometimes cheap with bills and all, haha. It would suck if I did something wrong with those seeds. Like over water or something. I've never grown anything
  11. Good place to learn though, no?
  12. It's illegal here too. And is so more most on this site
  13. 7 bucks a seed haha
    I've paid over 20 before
  14. No, no, and no.
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  15. The nose knows.
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  16. Well that was just random looking. One i Seen was 5 seeds 89$. I'm looking at pictures, haha
  17. For me, now, $13/seed, delivered.
  18. Yeah most average at 10 bucks, but sometime if you want a good looking strain you have to pay for it.
  19. Can always make your own done if it's your only mission, but if you're careful you can do both.
  20. I recently was on Facebook looked at the market place while in LA and found seeds clones everything u could need for $3 seeds $5 clones..

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