Can you tell when polls are rigged?

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, May 12, 2004.


Can you tell when polls are rigged?

  1. yes

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  2. no

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  3. polls are never rigged.

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  1. ok, so i lost a popular poll because what i said was interpreted as derogatory to the people who voted in it, that issue is past now. here's the new and improved poll.

    its all fer fun, so don't stress out about how you vote.
  2. All polls are rigged to get the answers they want :D.
  3. Uh yeah :D I'm glad I voted yes now :smoking:
  4. course i can.... usually only happens when needed though... or for the pure sake of comedy, baering that its ok, with the author...

    If they are changed, its for a purpose.

  5. whether alot or a little, there's hard hitting truth in that.
  6. This poll is not rigged.... trust me....:
    What do you like to smoke out of more?

    1) Bongs
    2) bONGS
    3) BoNGS
    4) bongs
    5) or... "Bongs"

    Yep, the rich get richer, and then they start eating slugs and nasty things like that, while the poor stay poor (and get poorer too), and eat stuff like mcdonalds and bbq and taco bell, and burger king, and steaks, and other normal food. I swear, rich people are demented.
  7. im confused....

    this is messing with my mind right now.. first we're talking about rigged polls, which im wondering about (how are they rigged?) and then it go's to politics (why did it... wtf??)

  8. like a poll will have 3 things
    1 hell ya
    2 no
    3 i dont no

    hell ya is a more cool sounding thing to say no matter what the question.

  9. what if the question was 'do you enjoy having sexual relations with horses?'

    i know my answer sure as hell wouldn't be 'hell ya' ;p


  10. It went to politics because Americans never really get to choose their president. George Bush wasn't voted into office, and if you think he was........ HAHA..... So presidential polls are just to make the people of the republic feel better that they are "voting' for their new president. The new president is actually hand selected by the people who really run this country......

  11. yep.... its kinda strange how the two biggest canidates are always the worst ones of the lot...
  12. Ya, whats with that? Worst thing is when its time to vote....and you hate all the candidates...just some more than others.

    Then you dont really vote FOR someone, you just vote AGAINST someone.
  13. America, fuck yeah!

  14. ahahaha, yeah i dont think i would choose that response either
  15. ditto. WTF is going on with the polls? :smoke: I voted no.
  16. haha im high and this thread has me confused somebody explain wut yall r talkin about =X

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