Can you tell the gender yet?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SativaBleu, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. This one is about 3 weeks old.
    Can anyone see signs if gender yet?
  2. Got months to go yet before you can tell man--- be patient
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  4. Okay well inwas gonna edit the post from months but didn't lol - well I should of said way to early to tell yet.
  5. And yeah I got those hairs on my fem as well bro - they can quite easily herm though with too much stress
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  6. Yeah OP should consider getting LED vipraspectras are awesome. My plant is 25 days and is flourishing with 300w led and good food.
  7. IMG_0257.JPG IMG_0258.JPG IMG_0259.JPG This is mine @ 3 weeks and 6.8 weeks
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  8. lol.
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  9. Most seems to show some signs at about 5-6 weeks.
    I recently got excited when a clone from my own known Female started showing pre-flowers including those 2 little white hairs..Swear they look like a pair Ladies Legs opening wide..LMAO
    Sorry for the crummy pic, but it is lights out now and I don't want to barge in there with a flash...:)

    BTW: all those splotchy things are just Burple reflections.
    8-16-17 clone preflower.jpg
  10. that my friend is actually just leaves growing...

    everyone on this thread needs to google images what a female preflower looks like rn.

    the hairs are skinny usually a little curly and WHITE.
    Pure white not green.
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  11. what you guys are calling hairs are stipules
  12. which both genders have..
  13. Buzzer been growing a long time bro - I think he knows what his on about..
  14. No I did say 2 little white hairs! They are not seen in the pic, but trust me they are there!
    Thanks lookie here..:)
    Still a poor shot, but...
    8-17-17 hairs.jpg
  15. I see them now. But everyone else on this thread is trying to sex their plants way to early.

    Your plants not gonna show its sex until flower.
  16. True with plants from seed, but not true with a clone..Maybe you should google what a clone is..LMAO
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  17. Bruh ik what a clone is. I'm agreeing with you. The topic is not cloning, its determining sex. WHICH IS ONLY NECESSARY FROM SEED.

    I'm just saying the other dude who post pics talking about its showing sex at 25 days is wrong.
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