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Can you tell the cops no?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tonyizzle, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. Um when u say no 2 them searching ure car that is all the probable cause they need to get the drug dog in there. I am 100% sure of this.
  2. watch the video i am pretty sure your wrong
  3. I'm almost 100% sure you are wrong.

    Cops must have a reason for searching you or your car. Just like cops must have

    a reason for pulling you over. Doesn't mean that cops don't bend the rules. But that

    is what the judicial system is supposed to correct. If you feel a cop has violated your

    rights by searching without probable cause and low and behold he finds some pot and

    asks "Well, Well Whose pot is this" and you Say It's not mine . . . . .next thing you

    know another cop pulls up and does the good cop bad cop. "Listen I don't like to be

    lied to if you tell where you go the pot from I'll help you out, but I can't help you out

    if you don't tell me" You say, I got it from a friend. BAM. you just

    admitted it was yours because you got suckered into

    talking. And it will happen, when your nervous/scared

    talking is just what happens if you don't train yourself.

    let's try this again with Shouse's method.

    (I'm stoned bloodshot eyes)

    "license and registration" here ya go offica

    "Are you under the influence of a controlled substance sir?"

    No sir.

    "Please step out of the car sir."

    Sure thing buddy

    "Put your hands on top of the car. Do you have any guns,

    knives, tanks or bazookas in your pockets?"
    (if they say something outlandish like a tank or something
    they do this to see what your response is. An intoxicated person wouldn't have
    picked up on it)

    No sir i left the tank at the house.

    (because my eyes are gleaming red the cop has the right to search.)

    "please place your hands behind your back, I just want to let you know your not under

    arrest i'm just doin this for my safety."

    Sure (the cop finds some pot)

    "Well, Well Whose pot is this?"

    I say, I WANT A LAWYER

    Cop asks no more questions.

    spend a couple hours in jail. Get out. Get a lawyer and get the charges dropped.

    it's that simple.

    hope that helps somebody cause i'm HIGH :smoking:

  4. i hit google and this is what i found read it you can tell a cop no and if he continues to search and finds something it is illegal and will be thrown out in court and here is a link to the site http://www.flexyourrights.org/traffic_stop_scenario

    3) Just Say "No" to Warrantless Searches
    Warning: If a police officer asks your permission to search, you are under no obligation to consent. The only reason he's asking you is because he doesn't have enough evidence to search without your consent. If you consent to a search request you give up one of the most important constitutional rights you have-your Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and seizures.

    A majority of avoidable police searches occur because citizens naively waive their Fourth Amendment rights by consenting to warrantless searches. As a general rule, if a person consents to a warrantless search, the search automatically becomes reasonable and therefore legal. Consequently, whatever an officer finds during such a search can be used to convict the person.

    Don't expect a police officer to tell you about your right not to consent. Police officers are not required by law to inform you of your rights before asking you to consent to a search. In addition, police officers are trained to use their authority to get people to consent to a search, and most people are predisposed to comply with any request a police officer makes. For example, the average motorist stopped by a police officer who asks them, "Would you mind if I search your vehicle, please?" will probably consent to the officer's search without realizing that they have every right to deny the officer's request.

    If, for any reason you don't want the officer digging through your belongings, you should refuse to consent by saying something like, "Officer, I know you want to do your job, but I do not consent to any searches of my private property." If the officer still proceeds to search you and finds illegal contraband, your attorney can argue that the contraband was discovered through an illegal search and hence should be thrown out of court.
  5. um, yeah.... no. Not the case. It may be probable cause in the cops mind, but it's not probable cause to hold up in court. That's the great thing about our laws, they protect us from assumptions,.
  6. No I know that they can call the k-9 if you refuse a search. It has happend to my friends who have indeed refused a search. Just if you step out of the car roll all the windows up and lock the doors.
  7. just cause the cops did it does not mean it was legal if they found anything it would be thrown out in court cause that was illegal search and seizure
  8. Without seeming redundant, read quote from BigSmoker below...

    Just cuz they didn't doesn't mean it was legal... If they say they're waiting for a k9 unit, ask if you're being detained... when they say 'no' (they have no probable cause, so there is nothing to be detained about) ask if you can leave... plain and simple.

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