can you tell m/f when a sprout?

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  1. I have my little sprout growing and I cant tell if its a male or female. i know that comes later but im kinda paranoid because i saw this site that said if it grows fast and tall its a male and my sprouts been growing faaaaaaasssssssssrttttttt

  2. You can't really tell yet...:)
  3. 5th or 6th node is about the first time the plants even mature enough for sexxing
  4. ok thanks i guess im being to paronoid :)
  5. Look at your plants. See how the leaves are coming out in pairs? Cannabis does that as a "baby".

    When they hit "puberty", the leaves will begin to alternate, one leaf on one side, and a little further up on the other side will be the next leaf. That's when you should start looking for signs of sex.

    Where the leaf and stem meet, boys will develop multiple balls, while girls give you a wispy white "high sign". It takes several days for male flowers to be mature enough to open and fertilize females- just check your plants daily and you'll be fine. :) Run a search on sexing and you'll find pictures that will show you what to look for. :D

    Granny :wave:
  6. Thanks so much! tres tres helpful! and interesting! :D
  7. If you peek underneath the cotyledons sometimes you can see a little dick or vagina just chilling.
  8. ohh thanks dude

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