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Can you take too big of a hit from a bong?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrGoatington, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. I just want to make sure you can't make your lungs explode with too big of a hit from a bong or something. I recently upgraded to my first real bong and I can take some huge hits from it. Can you hurt yourself strictly from taking a big hit? (I know holding it in a long time is bad)
  2. No... you have nothing to fear. Getting the smoke into your lower lung is important :)
  3. You're asking if it's possible to take a big enough hit that would harm one's lungs or throat; you'd probably die of smoke inhalation before hurting yourself. Although you might take rips big enough to fee like you're hurt, it's quite unlikely.
  4. If you get hurt smoking a bong its most likely from coughing too hard. but then again... i never mind that.
  5. You know OP is taking huge rips when he's legitimately concerned that amount of smoke could rupture his lung.
  6. Yeah if you take too big a rip you could cough up a lung and what'da know, you're a lung down! :eek: :bongin:
  7. Worst thing that can happen is coughing for 5 minutes and get baked as fuck.
  8. the worst is the cough and throat....but man up
  9. Could take a big hit and swallow some smoke that's never fun

  10. Hmm, I've never coughed from smoking. I've been smoking daily for about 7 months now. The throat burn though, that'll happen.
  11. loooool no your lungs will probably force the smoke out before that happens most that evers gunna happen is you puke and your throat feels like shit for a day
  12. I love this
  13. If you die from smoke inhalation wouldn't that be hurting yourself? :p
  14. Dieing definitely counts lol
  15. Hahahaha xD
  16. Didn't that Magweedo dude on youtube collapse one of his lungs taking a huge ass dab? Maybe it's not impossible to hurt yourself taking a huge hit, but it's certainly an extremely rare occurrence and it's not something you should worry about.

  17. No, that's death. lol :D
  18. Worst thing that could happen is you get high, best thing that could happen is you get high.
  19. The question is not "Can you take too big a hit," but, "How big a hit can I take?!"

    It's all about the mentality, brotha.
  20. Getting the smoke into your lower lung is important[​IMG]

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