Can you take a ship from Holland to America?

Discussion in 'General' started by Americandutchyz, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. I'm moving back to the states relatively soon and I was wondering if there was any way to take a ship across the Atlantic.

    Maybe it would be cheaper than a flight? I think it would be an awesome way to travel haha even if it does take 2 weeks.
  2. I hear the Titanic is a pretty good experience.
  3. Not going to happen OP unless it's like a commercial cruise. :p

  4. No, no I heard some bad reviews on that. Something about an iceberg and a crack in the hull..:cool:

  5. lol dammit why couldn't they have kept that alive, that would be so kickass.
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    So to anyone who cares..

    There is a regular trans-atlantic boat service.. Maris Freighter Passenger Voyages List

    Looks pretty cheap too :D I'm so fucking pumped fuck the plane I'm taking a boat :)
  7. an international ticket is like 600 one way.

    this boat is like 112 pounds a day.

    and the trip is like 5 days.

    so i dont think your saving money at all

  8. It's not the destination it's how you get there ;)

  9. Yeah and I'm pretty sure it is cheaper.. because they say its a certain amount per day. Then they go on to list the destinations you'll get to in order and call them "days". So perhaps its that per destination because I'd imagine it doesn't cost them that much.. its just a way to earn some extra dough.
  10. No but i can take a train there

  11. lol do tell.:devious:
  12. Ok, I can take a train pretty much anywhere: from my house to the north pole, from the north pole to the moon, ANYWHERE
  13. 80 euros a day, for 10 days, plus a charge of 275 euro for port fees. That'd come out to like $1,415.45 US. Would probably be fun though..

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