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Can you suggest some new strains for me?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by infresno, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. I really enjoy White Widow, Grandaddy Purple, bubblegum and Bubba Kush. They all produce a favorable high to me. I can't define the high and what I am looking for other than I want a good "motivational smoke" that opens the mind. I don't care what it does for body at all as this is not a plus or a minus in my books. I am also a big fan of Chronic which is a different high but still helps me work.

    I am able to smoke at work whenever I want (one of the benefits of being the boss:D)pretty much and these strains seem to help me relax or accomplish the most at work. My job is sales and marketing mainly so it's a good thing to be relaxed and have an open mind at certain times of the day.

    Being an mmj patient I have had the opportunity to try about a dozen different strains in the last month or so and have gotten high off of all of them. No complaints about any of them at all. I could see how people could love the high produced by them. Here is a list of the ones that do not produce the high I am looking for:

    OG Kush X3???
    Lambs breath
    Blue Dream(s)
    Sour Diesel
    I'm gonna start taking some notes. I only remember the strains I really like.

    Give me some suggestions if you have experience with the above strains and have found a similar smoke.

    Anyone know where I could get clones for any of the above strains in Central Cali? I would like to find some White Widow and some Chronic as well. Haven't been able to find them since I moved here about a month ago.
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    try some Sweet Tooth, Papaya, Pink Lemonade, Blueberry, or Allstar Green Crack

    o and ive seen white widow at the club in berkeley if ur down for a drive
  3. i voted white widow 2.
  4. I think your gonna like Super silver haze
  5. Gonna make some calls tomorrow to see if I can find those. You know where to find a good price on a few o's near Central Cali? Would make a trip for that.

    Also, will be looking for Super Silver Haze.

    If I find any of them I will let you know. Thanks for the suggestions.
  6. Not sure if it's a legit strain, but the most motivational high I've ever experienced was from something that my dealer called lemon kush. I got 2 days worth of work done in about an hour.
  7. Jack Herer.
  8. Orange Kush.. All the way..
  9. Funny, I bought some fake Orange Kush about a year ago. It had to be schwagg and I paid a kb price for it. I'll add it and Jack Herer, diablo kush and like the intro to lemon kush. Will see if I can find them.

    I am going to order seeds for White Widow, Chronic and hopefully one more strain if I can find one I really, really like that does well in an indoor grow. But.... I gotta try them first. I smoke more than most and am going to call aound town tomorrow to see if I can find any of them. I'll give you guys an update tomorrow as long as I have time to breathe tomorrow while the pharmacies are open.

    I'm planning on a 3 to 4 month grow and hoping to get 2 oz per plant. 12 plants veg and 6 plants mature (via 2 scripts) to obey the law, which I fully intend to do. I think I can get this done with Chronic and WW. Hope to harvest 3 plants per month. Anyone have experience growing the above strains indoors? I plan to have a killer grow room but that will be another post.
  10. Blackberry Kush. It's one of the best indica strains I've ever smoked.
  11. Blackberry is my favorite fruit. Going back in time, I had never knowingly had Kush and now it's a real treat. I'm gonna try this one someday for sure. Never even heard of it before.
  12. Well, I have been busy at work and have not made any calls to check out the strains in town yet but I did get a call from my favorite dispensary and they have some clones in. I'm getting some Bubba Kush and Bubblegum. They had something I have never heard of before. Green Crack. If they have some left I may grab one and just see. Have heard good things about Purple Urkle. Thinking about getting one of those too but don't know if I want to take a chance on something I haven't tried yet. Anyone have any experience with those two?

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